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CR —

Female elf swashbucklerCW 20/truenamerToM 20
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Divine Rank 5
Init/Senses +12/low-light vision, see the named, Know Death, Know Secrets, senses, remote sensing, portfolio sense; Listen +21, Spot +21
Aura divine
Languages sending, communication, remote communication
AC 30, touch 25, flat-footed 30; dodge bonus, Battlesense
(+5 divine, +4 Dex, +5 natural, +6 deflection)
hp 480 (40 HD); DR 15/epic
Immune transmutation effects from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, energy drain from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, ability drain from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, ability damage from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, mind-affecting effects from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, electricity, cold, acid, disease from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, poison from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, stunning from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, sleep from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, paralysis from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, death effects from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, disintegration from mortals and deities of rank 4 or less, divine auras of deities of rank 5 or less, death from massive damage, magic sleep effects
SR/Resist 37/lucky, slippery mind, no natural 1 automatic failure, fire 10
Fort/Ref/Will +31/+32/+25 (+27 against enchantment)
Speed 60 ft. (12 squares), burrow 60 ft., swim 60 ft., climb 30 ft.; acrobatic charge
Melee +10 Large elven courtbladeRotW ("Arc") +58/+53/+48/+43 (2d8+33/15–20 plus wounding critical plus weakening critical)
Base Atk/Grp +30/+37
Atk Options Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, improved flanking, lucky, no natural 1 automatic failure
Special Actions Quick Draw, Quicken UtteranceToM, Recitation of the Fortified StateToM, Recitation of the Mindful StateToM, see the named, sending, speak unto the masses, Know Death, Know Secrets, block sensing, automatic actions, divine aura, remote communication, godly realm
Utterances Known (CL 20th, 1d20+25 to overcome SR):
Lexicon of the Evolving Mind
6th—breath of recovery (DC 26), ether reforged, singular mind (DC 26)
5th—critical word of nurturing, essence of lifespark, greater seek the sky, ward of peace (DC 26)
4th—breath of cleansing (DC 26), potent word of nurturing, spell rebirth, word of bolstering
3rd—accelerated attack, moderate word of nurturing, temporal spiral (DC 26), vision sharpened
2nd—lesser word of nurturing, speed of the zephyr, strike of might
1st—minor word of nurturing, universal aptitude
Lexicon of the Crafted Tool
5th—seize item
4th—suppress item
3rd—rebuild item
2nd—agitate metal
1st—fortify armor
Lexicon of the Perfected Map
4th—conjunctive gate
3rd—master of the four winds
2nd—energy vortex
1st—shockwave (DC 26)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th, 1d20+20 to overcome SR):
At will—greater teleport (CL 20th, self plus 500 pounds of objects)
Abilities Str 25, Dex 26, Con 18, Int 26, Wis 18, Cha 22
SQ insightful strike, acrobatic skill mastery, known personal truename, knowledge focus, say my name and I am there, +5 divine on ability checks, immortality, create magic items, grant spells
Salient Divine Abilities Battlesense, Divine Skill Focus (TruespeakToM), Divine Weapon Focus (elven courtbladeRotW), Divine Weapon Specialization (elven courtbladeRotW), Know Death, Know Secrets
Feats Deflect Arrows, Exotic Weapon ProficiencyB (claw bracersFRCS), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (elven courtbladeRotW), Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (elven courtbladeRotW), Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Monkey GripCW, Obscure Personal TruenameToM, Personal Truename BacklashToM, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Quicken UtteranceToM, Recitation of the Fortified StateB ToM, Recitation of the Mindful StateB ToM, Truename ResearchB ToM, Weapon FinesseB, Weapon Focus (elven courtbladeRotW), Wield Oversized WeaponCW
Skills Balance 44, Bluff 36, Climb 45, Concentration 34, Diplomacy 44, Escape Artist 38, Hide 28, Jump 41, Listen 28, Perform (sing) 31, Knowledge (arcana) 25, Knowledge (the planes) 31, Move Silently 30, Search 30, Sense Motive 34, Spot 28, Swim +20, TruespeakToM 66, Tumble 42, Use Magic Device 23, Use Rope 25.
Grace (Ex) Nera has a +3 competence bonus on Reflex saves when wearing light or no armor and carrying a light load.
Insightful Strike (Ex) Nera applies her Intelligence bonus on damage rolls with any weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse against any creature vulnerable to sneak attacks and critical hits.
Dodge Bonus (Ex) During her turn, Nera may designate an opponent and receive a +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against melee attacks from that opponent.
Acrobatic Charge (Ex) Nera may charge down down steep stairs, leap down from a balcony, or tumble over obstacles to get to her target, though it might require to make the appropriate checks (Jump and Tumble in particular).
Improved Flanking (Ex) Nera gains a +4 bonus on attacks due to flanking instead of +2 bonus on attacks.
Lucky (Ex) Once per day, Nera may reroll any failed attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw. For better or worse the new roll sticks.
Acrobatic Skill Mastery (Ex) Nera may take 10 on Jump and Tumble checks even if stress and distraction would normally prevent her from doing so.
Weakening Critical (Ex) Nera deals 2 points of Strength damage against any creature subject critical hits when she scores a critical hit.
Wounding Critical (Ex) Nera deals 2 points of Constitution damage against any creature subject critical hits when she scores a critical hit.
Know Personal Truename Nera knows her own personal true name. In order to prounounce it, she must make a TruespeakToM check with a DC 97. Because the name is her own, she gets a +4 bonus on the check.
Knowledge Focus (Ex) Nera has a +6 bonus on Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (the planes) checks.
See the Named (Su) Once per day, Nera may make a Truespeak check for any creature whose personal true name she knows. If the check is successful, she may observe the creature as though using the scrying spell for 1 round, and the creature does not get a saving throw.
Sending (Su) Three times a day, with a successful Truename check, Nera may speak to any creature whose personal truename she knows as though using a sending spell (CL 20th).
Speak unto the Masses (Su) Nera may affect all creatures of a single creature type, no two being more than 30 feet apart. The base DC for the Truespeak check is equal to the most powerful creature in the group. The DC increases by 2 for every creature she chooses beyond the first. The Law of Resistance applies to the use of that single utterance.
Say My Name and I Am There (Su) Nera has a truename (not her personal truename) that, when spoken by others (no Truespeak check required), allows her to appear at the speaker's location as if taken there by a word of recall spell. Nera knows who is saying the truename and may decline transportation.
Immortality Nera is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. She does not age, and does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. She is not subject to death from massive damage.
Senses Nera's senses extend in a 5-mile radius.
Remote Sensing As a standard action, Nera can perceive everything within a 5-mile radius around any of her worshipers, holy sites, or other objects or locales sacred to the Nera. This effect can also be centered on any place where someone speaks Nera’s name or title for up to 1 hour after the name/title is spoken, and at any location when an event related to her portfolio occurs. Nera's remote sensing can cross planes and penetrate any barrier except a Divine Shield or an area otherwise blocked by a deity of 5 or higher rank. Remote sensing is not fooled by misdirection or nondetection or similar spells, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. Nera can extend her senses to two remote locations at once and still sense what’s going on nearby. Once Nera chooses a remote location to sense, she automatically receives sensory information from that location until she chooses a new location to sense, or until she can’t sense the location.
Block Sensing As a standard action, Nera can block the sensing ability of other rank 5 or less deities. This power extends for a 5-mile radius, or within the same distance around a temple or other locale sacred to the Nera, or the same distance around a portfolio-related event. Nera can block two remote locations at once, plus the area within one mile of herself. The blockage lasts 5 hours.
Portfolio Sense Nera automatically senses any event that involves one thousand or more people with regard to her portfolio. The ability is limited to the present. When Nera senses an event, she merely knows that the event is occurring and where it is. Nera receives no sensory information about the event. Once Nera notices an event, she can use her remote sensing power to perceive the event.
Automatic Actions When performing an action within her portfolio, Nera can perform any action as a free action, as long as the check DC is equal to or less than 15. Nera can perform 2 such free actions each round.
Create Magic Items Nera can create magic items related to her portfolio without any requisite item creation feat, provided that she possesses all other prerequisites for the item. The maximum item value Nera can create is 4,500 gp. The item’s cost and creation time remain unchanged, but Nera is free to undertake any activity when not laboring on the item. If Nera has the item creation feat pertaining to the item she wishes to create, the cost (in gold and XP) and creation times are halved.
Divine Aura (Ex) Nera has an aura that effects mortals and deities of rank 4 or less. They can resist the aura’s effects with successful Will saves; the DC is 21. She is immune to the auras of deities of rank 5 and lower. Any being who makes a successful saving throw against a Nera’s aura power becomes immune to that her aura power for one day. Divine aura is an emanation that extends around Nera in a 50-ft. radius. Nera chooses the size of the radius and can change it as a free action. If Nera chooses a radius of 0 feet, her aura power effectively becomes non-functional. When Nera's and one or more deities’ auras cover the same area, only the aura that belongs to the deity with the highest rank functions. If divine ranks are equal, the auras coexist. Nera can make her own worshipers, beings of chaotic good alignment, or both types of individuals immune to the effect as a free action. The immunity lasts one day or until Nera dismisses it. Once affected by an aura power, creatures remain affected as long as they remain within the aura’s radius. Nera can choose from the following effects each round as a free action. Daze: affected beings are dazed. Fright: affected beings become shaken. The merest glance or gesture from Nera makes them frightened. Resolve: Nera’s allies receive a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and checks, while the Nera’s foes receive a –4 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks.
Grant Spells Nera automatically grants spells and domain powers to mortal divine spellcasters who pray to her. Nera can grant spells from the cleric spell list, the ranger spell list, and from the Chaos, Good, Nobility, War domains. Nera can withhold spells from any particular mortal as a free action; once a spell has been granted, it remains in the mortal’s mind until expended.
Communication Nera can understand, speak, and read any language, including nonverbal languages. Nera can speak directly to any beings within five miles of herself.
Remote Communication As a standard action, Nera can send a communication to a remote location. Nera can speak to any of her own worshipers, and to anyone within five miles from a site dedicated to her, or within five miles from a statue or other likeness of Nera. The creature being contacted can receive a telepathic message that only it can hear. Alternatively, Nera’s voice can seem to issue from the air, the ground, or from some object of the her choosing (but not an object or locale dedicated to another deity of rank 5 or higher). In the latter case, anyone within earshot of the sound can hear it. Nera can send a manifestation or omen instead of a spoken or telepathic message. Nera’s communication power can cross planes and penetrate any barrier. Once communication is initiated, Nera can continue communicating as a free action until she decides to end the communication. Nera can carry on 2 remote communications at one time.
Godly Realm Nera can change the temperatures, scents, and sounds of Arvandor as a standard action.


Nera is a female elf appearing to be in early to mid-twenties. She stands at 6' and she weighs 162 pounds. She has long silver hair which flows to her lower back, and lovely blue eyes that warm the soul. She has smooth, fair skin with a simply otherworldly beauty. Her complexion is astounding; she is obviously strong, yet she does not appear to have much muscle, and her body is slender. Some would argue she is beyond any worldly definition of beautiful.

Nera is an intelligent elven lady who always seems to know what to say. She is very fluid in her speech and she loves to play with languages and mortal minds. She sometimes has a sharp tongue, and is quick to stand up for friends. She typically puts her friends lives first, but she takes care of herself as well. She is not well known as far as a typical deity, but she has gained a little attention over her time, since ascension. She is charismatic and seems to be a leader in times of doubt or fear.

Small Story[edit]

Nera is an elf that had been born to Correllen Larthian as a quasidiety. Later she would ascend to true godhood. She started out as a seemingly regular person: a hotheaded adventurer. She quickly became adept in the ways of dueling and decided to take her weapon of choice as an elven courtblade. She studied with the elves as she was growing up, learning her people's ways as best she could, becoming the embodiment of elven swordplay and wit.

As she became more experienced, she learned that the world was a very dangerous place, despite her unusual advantage in life. Coming near death, fighting under no god, having never known who her father truly was, she cried out for any help available. It was her lucky day as one of Zero's many avatars happened to be in the dungeon trying to recover the same artifact she sought "Arc" the legendary courtblade. The avatar named "Nihil" saved her life, and recovered the blade. However, the avatar had no use for such a thing (being a soulknife) and let the lady have it.

Some time later, she would encounter the same avatar on one of her missions and he told her where she could meet Zero. She had become a very skilled and reputable swordsman and fought for the common good. In one of his own temples, Zero offered her a chance to ascend to true godhood (for reasons beyond her comprehension), and she took it on as a humble servant to the over-deity. She later learned that her father was Corellon Larthian and having climbed the ranks of godhood she is becoming a proper goddess. It was explained to her that it was never intended for her to ascend to the ranks of true godhood and that Corellon had made a mistake. However, in the thousands of years that have passed since, they have actually become quite close as family.

Never forgetting what Zero had done for her, and being as elusive as he was, she has an eternity to repay her debt of the strange god saving her life.

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