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Necromantic Binder [Binding][edit]

Allows a Binder to bind Deathless and Undead.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Religion) 6, Outsider Binding Class Feature
Benefit: At level three a Binder can bind Deathless and Undead with 1 HD or less. At level five, Deathless and Undead of 3 HD or less. Level seven, Deathless and Undead of 5 HD or Less. Level twelve, Deathless and Undead of 10 HD or Less. Level seventeen, Deathless and Undead of 15 HD or Less. level twenty, Deathless and Undead of 17 HD or less.
Normal: Normally a binder can't bind Deathless and Undead.
Special: Can be taken by a Binder as a Bonus Feat.

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