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Naughty Shadow[edit]

“While I only on being kind and simply asking for the information, my shadow might have other plans. He tends to enjoy others pain a little to much.”
—Noah James, The recently Departed

Some people come out of the shadow realm sane and annoyed that they just wasted a good portion of their time on a separate plane of existence. Others come out of the shadow realm psychotically questing to plunge the world into darkness. Most come out of the shadow realm just bat shit crazy unable to cope with the horrors they have witnessed. A few overly curious Rouges come out sane and ticked off that their shadow refuses to do what they want it to do. People with Naughty Shadow’s tend to find themselves with a constant companion ranting in their head about how they should torture and molest the world, and unleash every dark desire. The shadow tends to be pure untainted emotion, infused with whatever goal the person has at the moment.

Gaining a Naughty Shadow[edit]

All people with naught shadows, are rouges who don’t fully realize their rougish potential because of range and their alignment. This isn’t really a sought out class, more like it’s a screw up upon exiting the shadow realm. A screw up that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Note: If you forfeit all of the bonus’s and saves, the shadow can be claimed as a pet by using a feat, if done the prestige class should be considered it’s level chart, it levels up when you do and you may ignore the feat and BaB requirements.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: All non Chaotic Alignments
Base Attack Bonus: +7
Feats: Alertness, Stealthy
Special: must have lived in the shadow realm for any portion of time, and returned from it.
Table: The Naughty Shadow

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Manifesting
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +0 +2 +0 Bow and String: Naughty locks, Naughty traps. Bow:+1 feat. Evil Fingers:+1 feat. <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
2nd +1 + 1 +3 +0 Bow:+1 feat.

Shadow Preservation: +1 feat.

<-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
3rd + 2 + 2 +4 +0 Bow and String:+1 feat. Evil Fingers:+1 feat. Mischief Feet: Falling In Shadows. <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
4th + 3 +2 +5 +1 Bow:+1 feat.

Shadow Preservation: +1 feat. More Powerful I Be: Longer I be

<-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
5th + 3 +2 +5 +1 Shadow Choice <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
6th + 4 +3 +5 +2 Bow and String:+ 1 feat. Evil Fingers:+1 feat. Mischief Feet: Walking on shadows <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
7th + 5 +3 +6 +2 Bow:+1 feat. Shadow Preservation: +1 feat. <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
8th + 6 +4 +7 +3 Bow and String:+1 feat. Evil Fingers:+1 feat. Mischief Feet: Listening through shadows <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
9th + 6 +5 +8 +3 Mischief Feet: +1 feat. Bow:+1 feat.

Shadow Preservation: +1 feat. More Powerful I Be: Longer I be

<-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->
10th + 7 +6 +9 +4 Shadow’s Tango <-effects of existing spellcasting at this level->

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level)

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Naughty Shadow.

The Shadow: The shadow acts as a semi corporeal creature whose health and ac match the actual user. This mischievous and inquisitive creation needs to be connected if it’s going to do anything for a long period of time. Though for short event’s such as an attack, it can separate from it’s owner to deliver a blow and snap back in an instant. The shadow needs nothing to animate and is more appropriately an extension of the users body rather gone rampart, rather then an actual shadow at this point.

  • The shadow only has a range of twenty feet, with out a rapid means of travel, such as an arrow or a bolt, or another thrown item.
  • If the shadow’s hp is reduced to 0 it must take three rounds to heal itself, before it can be active
  • Friendship tally: This tally really is just to show how much your shadow likes you. If the tally falls below -10 then you must roll a diplomacy over 15 + the shadow’s level to get it to fight with you. +1 point each time you let the shadow do what ever it wants. -2 if you fail a will check against it. -2 if you fail a will check and it fails an action. +1 if it succeeds an action. +1d4 each day it’s with you, +1d10 for each level gained.

Bow and String (Su): With a specialized arrow, or bolt with a string attached to it. The shadow can stop and do multiple task from a decent range, and not having to get caught with your pants down. All bow and string techniques leave the user flat footed, and instantly are interrupted if the string is broken returning the shadow to its owner.

  • Naughty locks: " The shadow doesn’t like locks, and if it can get to one, it tends to open it. While connected to the rope, the shadow can unlock and even open a door if it needs to. Naughty locks gives your open locks a + 3. Naughty locks increases ever four levels by 1d4.
  • "Naughty traps: " as much as the shadow loves playing tricks and teasing people. The shadow hates having them played on him. Naughty traps give the user an automatic +2 for reflex save, and a + 2 on trap finding on search. Search increases every four levels by 1d4. Naughty trap can be used to spot traps from a distance, and hopefully save all parties some pain.
  • "Breaking traps: " Playing off Naughty traps, once it finds a trap, breaking traps is a shadows friend. This gives a + 4 on trap disabling, all done from a relatively safe distance.
  • "Heavy hand: " You need something pushed pulled or broken? When the shadow has a heavy hand for you. Heavy hand can give you a +2 with strength when pushing an object. It can also be used to pull levers from a distance, or even catch a falling object.
  • "I have candy for ya: " This feat is primarily used as a grappling type technique, bring an object to you, or you to an object forcefully. If that object happens to be another living creature, it can receive a 1d4 damage depending on how happy the shadow is to bring it over. After four levels, the feat can be used twice in repetition to swing from ledge to ledge.

Bow (Su): all of these are purely combat attacks where the shadow transported threw an arrow to complete a quick task and return immediately afterwards... whether the shadow likes it or not. Each attack can be enhanced by shadows other techniques. When using an attack technique regular arrows can be mixed in with the shadow’s attack, however only half the number of extra arrows that would normally be fired can be used in each attack.

  • It’s a Mugging: this is a feint and a slight of hand at the same time done by the shadow. The shadow can either place something on his opponent with the sleight of hand, or steal what ever it can find of value from them. This is a two turn attack, because one must roll a spot check before it can take place. The attack does the same amount of damage as a normal attack would have.
  • My pimp hand!: This is a purely agro attack, only doing one d6 damage if the arrow breaks Ac, causing a giant hand back hands the character. If the attack hits an intimidation check must be rolled with a +3 added. if the intimidation succeeds the target is visibly shaken. If not the target agros the shadow user for three turns, if the pimp hand succeeds more then three times, the opponent becomes controlled by the shadow for the following two rounds. This continues if the opponent cannot beat an intimidation check every proceeding round.
  • Peak a Boo: This is a feint attack, when the arrow is launched, instead of hitting the opponent the shadow appears and does a feint attack equivalent of the rouges sneak attack, and his weapons damage. Every four levels the shadow gains another weapon it can feint with, though it starts with one dagger.
  • Two For The Win
  • To Fast!: This is a quick attack done for attacks of opportunity. If the arrow breaks ac, the arrow and the shadow attack doing double the damage of the arrow attack.

Evil Fingers (Su): these are the naughty things the shadow can and will do in the twenty foot range of an opponent or just an innocent bystander. Generally they are controlled by the shadow’s owner, allot of times they aren’t. All will saves are dc 10+ level of naughty shadow

  • Bad influence: Any rouge knows that influencing people to do dumb things so you can get yourself out of trouble is a must. The shadow knows this and believes in expressing this regularly. Bad influence comes about when the users shadow crosses paths with another’s shadow. Here the rouge must either roll a will save (( if the will save fails shadow’s bluff is assumed 10+bluff)), or a bluff. In the event that the shadow is allowed to be a bad influence, it silently whispers into the targets ear, while blending in with the targets shadow. The target must roll a will save against the shadow’s bluff to ignore the shadow’s suggestion.
  • Change of heart?: In combat if a target is shaken, badly wounded, or mentally impaired in some way, the shadow will attempt to sway him over to his owners side. Here the shadow must role a diplomacy and beat the creatures will save to effectively turn the creature.
  • Surprise!: What’s wrong with a helping hand? The shadow doesn’t know either. At any moment when the characters sexual preference appears; the rouge can roll a will save ((again if it fails it’s assumed there was a roll of 10)) or a sleight of hand. If the sleight of hand passes the targets spot the shadow begins to secretly seduce the person. The seduction takes place by the shadow sliding up the shadows on a person’s body, and activating their pressure points to bring out a euphoric feeling, that would cause the person to let down their guard. The rouge then has the ability to roll for a diplomacy + 2((the difference between the spot and the sleight of hand)) to manipulate that person. If the sleight of hand fails the spot, the shadow simply doesn’t molest, if it crit fails the shadow is caught in the act. A DM can activate this through by tell the rouge to roll a spot or a will.
  • Well it’s Mine now: Like any good chaotic rouge the shadow is a pit pocket, and a thief, and if it’s shiney the shadow tends to want it. Whenever the owner of the shadow is in a situation where something of extreme value can be stolen with in reason, the shadow’s owner must role a will save to stop the shadow. All sleight of hands receive a +3 in daylight, and a +5 at night. + 2 to both every three levels. A DM can activate this through asking for a spot roll.

Shadow Preservation (Su): all of these are pre emptive moves that require the shadow to stay next to or near the person it’s protecting. These moves are the shadows defensive stance, and the shadow cannot be used in any long ranged attacks outside the twenty foot area while in it. Upon level 7 the Shadow can use It’s a Trap And who am I with bow attacks.

  • Blocker: The shadow adds a half it’s touch Ac, to the users Ac to protect it’s owner while he rains arrows on the peasants. This attack unfortunately can only be used three times a day, and only last for three rounds. It’s length and amount of usage increases ever four levels
  • Be like me!: The shadow merges with the user, for two turns allowing the user to only take half damage from all types of attacks including magic oriented ones. This technique can only be used twice a day, and only last two rounds. Though it’s length and amount of usage increases every four levels.
  • IT’S A TRAP: Remember how I said the shadow liked setting up traps, it’s a trap sets up one of four traps for the opponent, that must be rolled for. The trap activates upon entering it’s strike zone, and has the attack bonus of a sneak attack. Trap can only be used three times a fight
    • Bear trap: a bear trap leaps out and grabs the person’s leg for 2d6 damage, and immobilize the opponent for three turns. Every four levels it gains another d6 damage.
    • Boomy: This is a three-pronged explosion under the enemy’s feet and does 3d10 damage, and stuns the opponent for one round. The user must roll a d6 to make sure they don’t crit fail and get hurt with 6 damage.
    • SPIKES!!!: the opponent must roll a reflex save to dodge this attack if it breaks Ac. If the reflex save fails they must roll 1d6 to see how many spikes hit them, and roll 1d10 for each spike that hit. Each spike is poisoned, and will continue to do 1d4 damage for three turns for each spike that hit. Every eight levels this attack gains two spikes and 1d4 damage
    • Gotcha: The shadow itself pops out and performs a fient attack equal to peak boo.
    • Who am I: The shadow splits into two identical copies of the original forcing the opponents to chose who to attack. Each shadow has half the ac and health of the original user, though all can use normal attacks. This attack last until each shadow is destroyed, and can only be used once a day. The amount of shadow and times of usage per day increase once every four levels.

Mischief Feat (Su): Your shadow’s curiosity can take a person to many very odd placed. Whether it causes you to walk upside down, or transports you to another section. You and your shadow can find yourselves in more trouble then you can shake a stick or, or avoid allot of it.

  • Falling in shadows: This allows the user to jump from shadow to shadow with the range of thirty feet. His range of shadow jumping increases by thirty feet ever other level. The user cannot jump into his own shadow unless it is connected to another shadow, though if darkness is cast, he can jump into that and come out of a shadow at any time.
  • Listening through shadows: The shadow user can use the shadow’s for spying using his shadow to listen through other shadows.
  • Hiding in shadows: This allows a user to hide in plain sight if he is near a shadow.
  • Walking on shadows: The user can walk on shadows as if he was walking on the ground no matter where they are. Whether it’s under water, or up a wall if there is a shadow he can walk on it.

More Powerful I Be (Su): The shadow gains ten feet of influence every four levels

Shadow Choice (Su):There comes a time every man must make a choice, and for you and your shadow that choice is now. Do you subjugate your shadow and force him to follow your ever whim? Do you risk your own morals in order to quench your thirst for power? Or do you walk a middle ground attempting to find a means to simply stay sane?

  • Stunting Growth: The shadow user removes all will checks he needs to use against his shadow. Stifling the creatures creativity and chaos making his life easier, and the shadow’s life boring. In response the shadow refuses to help you in any way shape or form that you don’t ask for, and will only do the bare minimum when it comes to leveling.
  • Seeking a Middle Ground: It’s business as usual with the shadow, it’s attempts to help are still putting you through more trouble then it’s honestly worth. However in response to allowing it to continue on it’s chaos the shadow has gained All rolls that involve the shadow get a +1d4 per action, and one can use two shadow arrows of the same type at the same time. Arrow amount increases by +1 ever five levels
  • Breeding Chaos: As you grow your shadow grows, this is something you have accepted. You realize the need for balance created your shadow in the first place so instead of attempting to stunt any of it’s growth you allow it’s natural progression to take place. The result however is not a pleasant one, all of your will save rolls against the shadow will get a -4 as your shadow revels in it’s freedom. Though not all is bad as your shadow gains an extra +6 on all it’s rolls. The cunning creation has also managed to split it’s body in two making double the pleasure as the two bodies share the same mind. The shadow can fire two separate types of arrows at the same time. Arrow amount increases by +2 every five levels.

Shadow’s Tango (Su): When it’s all said and done, the shadow is the ultimate assassin. Being able to attack anyone from the darkness is a cruel and devastating ability no matter how you look at it. Shadow’s tango takes this cunning ability and makes it into a one hit kill. The user must roll three spot checks each surpassing 15+ the amount of level the monster is above you, searching for the constructs weak point. If all threw succeed in a row the shadow pops up behind and does a finishing attack that would force a fort save to protect the creatures life.

Bonus Features[edit]

All For One (Su): This is the last growth of the Shadow Form listed in this class. After spending a good ten levels with you, the shadow has pretty much decided what it wants to do, to help you succeed. However this may or may not agree with you, but fear not traveler I shall explain what can happen. These rolls can be gained one levels after level ten ((This bonus is ignored if you chose Stunting growth.))

  • You Lead, I Slaughter: The Shadow has deemed you worthy of leading it to heaven or hell to succeed in your goals, or at least it thinks you are funny to watch. Either way the creation has found a new way to help you on your quest, by creating your own miniature shadow realm in itself.
    • Holding the treasure':' The shadow realms first purpose is to hold al the things the shadow has stolen. With the items not directly on you it makes it very hard for people to spot the things you’ve stolen +4 to slieght of hand.
    • Dungeon of breeding: Nooo it’s not as dirty as it sounds, the shadow gains the ability to split like two cells, the new shadows are all hive mind drones with fanatical loyalty to the owner of the original shadow ((which is you)). Unfortunatly these shadow’s cannot exist with out a host, so you shadow finds it’s children these host. You shadow drags people into the shadow realm if they are defeated or unconscious. The person must roll a spot against the shadow’s sleight of hand as it literally steals the person’s body before they expire. Once captured it takes four days for the person’s original shadow to be removed, and the new one to be planted. The new shadow would override the person’s personality and will making him a follower of the Shadow’s goal. People retain their original abilities, and if they have none, they auto learn a quarter of the original users abilities.
    • If your shadow has a friendship tally of over 30 you can automatically choose this class. If not, you must roll a diplomacy and will save ((with no penalties)) against the shadow’s diplomacy -2 and will save -2. This check can be done three times with no penalties, if the third fails you can no longer gain You Lead, I Slaughter

  • I Slaughter you Follow The shadow has decided you are incompetent and you cannot succeed in your own goals with out it’s help. That or you have decided you are squishy, and need to use the shadow as a shield. Either way, the shadow has acted. The creature drags you back to the shadow realm, and when you return the shadow is in control. Your alignment shifts to chaotic, and you have a permanent -2 added to the will saves against the shadow. However what you gain is pure unadulterated power.
    • Why speak softly? All of your Shadows abilities in it’s own body. The shadow looses the need to shoot arrows, having one third of your health but all of your physical abilities. This shadow can literally shoot itself at an opponent and beat them with a big stick. It continues to learn all roug abilities and can take a pure combat class ((shadow has a sixty foot range))
    • Guarding the puppet: While the shadow’s are in control your own speed and moving ability drops by half. And your personal Base attack drops by four, making you rather squishy. Well your shadow friend doesn’t want you to die, it simply wants to drag you along and prove to you that it can be a better you then you. Guarding the puppet is one shadow, dedicated to protecting you using all of it’s a trap protecting abilities. This class cannot attack at all unless attacked first
    • That Voodoo: This last shadow stopped to study while in the shadow realm gaining two levels in any evil magic class. The Shadow can continue to learn dark magic having a sixty foot moving range around you. This shadow has 1/8th of your health.
  • Each shadow has it’s own independent roll and is it’s own independent character. If the main character drops below 0, only trap can be used. If a shadow is defeated it can no longer be used in that fight. When two shadow’s are defeated, the user regains the ability to actually attack.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Naughty Shadow[edit]

Combat: People who use the Naughty shadow tend to use any long range attack and transferring their shadow threw the arrows they fire. All people with Naughty shadow are rouges.

Resources: There is no real organization of shadow’s They tend not to join each other, because multiple chaotic evil things in one place, doesn’t always spell for good happy fun times.

Naughty Shadow in the World[edit]

“This shadow has been the bane of my existence ever since it showed up! Though to be fair it has also doubled my coin purse, and helped me build a harem, so I guess it’s a win some loose some.

NPC Reactions: To be honest most people never notice the shadow. Most of the arguments between the shadow and it’s owner all happen in the owners head. Unless you stop and notice the shadow isn’t following the persons body movement it’s not really noticeable. And even when they do most simply act like they never saw it never happened.

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