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Nature Bound Changelings[edit]


As mercurial as nature itself; A Nature Bound Changelings personality is an evershifting tableu of extremes. At one moment they can be so introspective that they appear catatonic; and with the next breath they become so agitated that onlookers will believe they are suffering some sort of fugue. If there is one thread that binds all Nature Bound Changeling's personalities itis their rigorous adherence to neutrality. Extremes of good and evil simply are beyond their grasp.

Physical Description[edit]

In their normal normal form, a Nature Bound Changeling looks like any member of the mundane Changeling: Exhibiting pale, almost grey skin, large luminous eyes and almost no discernable nose. However; as natural shapechangers, the race prefers to adopt 'colorful' representations of other humanoids. Unlike their more common cousins; a Nature Bound Changeling prefers to shift it's form as often as possible, rather than blending with one static shape.


Despite their unsual and often gregarious natures; Nature Bound Changelings are viewed with the same suspiscion and distrust as their normal counterparts. This is only made worse by their desire to shift constantly and to appear as unusual specimens of the races they mimic.


All Nature Bound Changelings have Neutrality as some aspect of their alignment; and most gravitate towards True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral. As a race so in touch with the natural world they simply do not understand the extremes of good and evil which, in their minds, are fabrications of races that think too much.


Anywhere and everywhere. Despite their connection to nature; these Changelings do not abhore cities like other fey beings. They are as comfortable in the midst of a bustling metropolis as they are standing beneath the branches of a primeval forrest.


Most Nature Bound Changelings feel the same way about 'gods' as they do about good and evil: that they are simply constructions of 'evolved' races. They do not deny the existence of pantheons; simply they view these divine beings as just another rung on the food chain. Despite their inherent anti-religious leanings, Nature Bound Changelings are intensely spiritual creatures that worship the Natural World in all of its aspects. Their rituals are often complex... and often made up on the spot.


Common and Sylvan


A Nature Bound Changeling's name is often as mutable as it's form. Even the youngest of the race will have several names to match their favored race; and the very oldest often have hundreds. Every Changeling, however; has one name that defines it other members of it's race. This name is unprounouncable by races who do not possess the capacity to change their form.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 to Wisdom, -2 to Strength. A Nature Bound Changeling's connection to the world itself gives them startling insights and knowledge beyond their years; but they tend to favor contemplation over raw physical power.
  • Humanoid (shapechange, fey)
  • Medium
  • Movement is 30 feet
  • Natural Druids (sp): Most Nature Bound Changelings become Druids for good reason; their strong ties with the natural world give them an innate connection that other races will never understand. Nature Bound Changelings have access to special racial substitutions when they rise in level.
  • Change Self (Ex): This ability is the same as that of the normal Changelings as detailed in Races of Eberron
  • Immutability (Ex): Even moreso then their mundan kin; the ability to change it's shape is integral to the Nature Bound Changeling; as such they are immune to any spell or ability that would change or alter their form against their will.
  • Tied to the Land (Ex): Their greatest strength is also the souce of their greatest weakness. A Nature Bound Changeling's connection to the natural world is so strong that the feel the earth's pain. Any severe damage (as determined by the DM) done to the land within one mile per character level will be felt as keenly as if the Changeling herself suffered the same. So debilitating is this pain that all actions taken by the character incur a -2 penalty and the character must succeed on a concentration check DC 15 in order to cast spells (or any other action as deemed by the DM). Natural occurrences do not trigger this effect: For example, a forest fire caused by a lightning strike would cause no pain to the character, but a fire set by marauding orcs would.
  • Darkvision 60'
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan. Bonus Languages: Druidic (even if they are not members of the class)
  • Favored Class: Druid

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