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Natural Sanctuary[edit]

Any Beast or Plant creature that targets you or your companion must make a Wisdom save against your spell DC. On a failure, they may not attack you. If you or your Beast Companion attacks the creature it automatically succeeds its next save. If the save is successful, the creature may attack without further saves for a day.
Save are at disadvantage if within the Ranger's Favored Terrain. These beasts approach you from their current location, and will fight alongside you, attacking any creatures that are hostile to you. They are friendly to you and your comrades, and you roll initiative for the called creatures as a group, which takes its own turns. The DM has the creatures’ statistics.
After 1 hour, these beasts return to their previous location. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again in the same general area for 24 hours, since the same animals will not repeatedly heed your call.

At __th level, as a reaction when a creature that attempted to attack, fails its save this round, you may make them make another Wisdom save, on a failure they are charmed by you for 1 minute and function as a Companion (you'll need to direct it/them separately.)

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