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Cultures in the World[edit]

The cultures of a Time of Gods and Men are varied and differ from one another in almost every way.


Centered around the Euphrates River, Babylonia is a kingdom in central-southern Mesopotamia. They have recently emerged as a major power under the kingship of Hammurabi, whose shrewd tactics and political policies took over their rival to the North, Assyria. Seeking to extend his borders further, Hammurabi has turned his eye towards Persia and the Hittites.


Centered in the area surrounded the Nile, the Egyptians have managed to to form a substansial empire which spans from the former kingdom of Kush up through Canaan and Syria and into Asia Minor. Their ambition has irked the Hittites, and it is only a matter of time before a war breaks out.


Centered around the city of Hattusa in Asia Minor, the Hittites have exerted a vast influence over the region. They keep on of the most coveted secrets to ever be created: how to make iron. Their rising ambition and skill with chariots have made them a formidable force. But their time may be at an end: Egypt creeps up from the South, Babylonia from the East, and Troias from the West.


Mycenae is unique, for it is not a kingdom as much as it is a group of city-states working together. Though they do have a King in times of need, each city-state is fully able of governing itself. They only come together on large issues. As of yet, the king Agammemnon has been eyeing up Troy, and is just waiting for an oppurtunity to go to war.


Persia started out as the small kingdom of Elam. Using their technical advances, they started pushing into the east and now command a sizeable empire. But Hatanish, the King, is hungry for more, and has been eyeing up Babylonia for a long time.


Centered around the city of Troias, Troy is a kingdom in the West of Asia Minor. Caught between two rival empires, the Hittites to the East and Mycenaeans to the West, it seems Troy's days are numbered.

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