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An active Narugan.

Narugan [General][edit]

You have inherited the vast primal fury buried deep in your family's blood.
Prerequisite: This feat may only be taken at 1st level, Con 15. This feat will only manifest itself in a person capable of entering a rage (such as a barbarian).
Benefit: This is a scaling feat that improves with your HD.

When activated this feat brings the fury of primal forces and wild ancestors forth to make you like unto a demon in battle, growing in effect as you grow more powerful. The Narugan may be activated for up to 1 minute per HD per day; this duration need not be used all at once and may be broken up as you wish. The Narugan places a strain on your body's systems; exhausting the full maxumim duration will cause you to be dazed and flat-footed for one round after your rage ends; you also become fatigued regardless of whether or not you would normally suffer fatigue at the end of a rage. When active, the irises or your eyes become blood red with a slitted black pupil.

All the following abilities of the Narugan stack. All abilities marked as passive do not require your Narugan to be activated.

  • SPECIAL: The Naurugan may only be activated while you are in a rage, or as part of entering a rage (this is a free action). Once activated, the Narugan may not be deactivated while you remain enraged.
  • 1HD: You gain fast healing 1 or your existing fast healing is increased by 1. Passively, at all times you have a +3 bonus to all WILL saves to resist fear or calming effects.
  • 3HD: You no longer suffer an AC penalty while in a rage. Passsively, you gain the scent ability.
  • 7HD: Your gains in Str and Con while in a rage are increased by +2, stacking with normal rage bonuses, and you gain a +3 bonus to intimidate checks.
  • 15HD: The duration of your rages is increased by your HD/3 rounds. Passively, you can no longer become more than shaken from any fear effect on a failed WILL save, with no effect on a successful save.
Special: You cannot have this feat together with the Sharingan, Byakugan or Jiraigan feats.

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