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Lawful Good
Domains: Justice, Life
Warpriest Domain: Sun

The Naaru is good, forgiving, kind. All those who wish to dispense justice and the law worship The Naaru. He is the bane of all those who would rob others of their freedoms and corrupt the land and the faith of others. He is the patron of summer and arbiters, as well as judges and paladins. He is prayed to by healers and clerics to save the wounded, and those who wish for light and justice to be brought to all part of the world.

  • Save the wounded and reward the righteous
  • Destroy anything that would oppress and corrupt the good people of the world.
  • Respect the land and the traditions of those who you meet.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of The Naaru spend decades learning about diseases and wounds and curing them in the field before being initiated into his order of healers.


  • Cleansing weapons
  • Brining demonic marks to his temples
  • Slaying demons
  • Fighting Orcus
  • Destroying unholy artifacts
  • Liberating people from bandits
  • Upheaving an oppressive emperor.


Holy temples usually build on shallow ponds. These places are so holy, they can cleanse even the most tainted objects. Few people reside in these temples, but usually scholars, artisans and avengers.


Cleansing rituals. initiation rituals. Rites usually involve being shone upon by sunlight and having holy water poured on you.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The allies of The Naaru are any man or god that will follow the law, respect traditions and bring justice to those who have none.

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