Naïve (3.5e Flaw)

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You Lack Experience and are lacking in wisdom and Judgement. This causes some detriment to your team mates after all your decisions sometimes lead to poor outcomes. You give everyone the benefit of the doubt and all of your trust, As such you believe others have the same trust in you.
Effect: -2 on will checks to resist touching Shiny things, "Bad"things, and after being told not to touch the thing. (effect stacks if the thing is shiny, "bad", and you have been told no -6)

-2 to intelligence checks to recall important information, or past occurrences -3 to sense motive and slight of hand checks

Will sometimes go into full "Space Cadet" mode at the DMs Discretion
Roleplaying Ideas: Your party has to keep watch on you so you don't pick up the magic shiny orb of doom, at least they don't have to worry about you stealing from them.(most of the time)

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