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Bruge & Chlyra Corbett:[edit]

Bruge and his wife Chlyra are possibly the best bards in the human race. He plays, she sings. They currently co-run the bardic college in the Royal city of Falle. The Queen of Falle was a protege of Bruge's, and her voice is said to be nothing short of angelic. Of course, the queen IS part angel.

Vulk Drakkon[edit]

This name can be heard chanted by thousands of rabid gladiator fans. Currently he is the champion of the Fighter's Guild. Since he took the championship title almost four years ago, he has remained undefeated. Despite all manner of claims as to what blood flows through his veins, he maintains that he is only human.


The Shadowspawn[edit]

“If you don't behave right now, tonight the Shadowspawn will come into your room and get you.” - any parent.

The shadowspan is a near-mythical figure. Even the Assassin's guild fears him. Or her. Or it. Whatever or whoever it is, no one claims to have ever seen the shadowspawn, though obviously he's of a long-lived race, since the shadowspawn has been around for over 200 years. This assassin's prices are cripplingly high, but once the contract is taken, it's only a matter of time. And not a lot of time. Hey, what was that noise in the next room?

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