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Creating a Bard[edit]

You are a singer and songwriter. You weave magic into your tunes to enchant your allies and to charm your enemies. You aren't so good with a weapon, so you use songs instead. Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by intelligence.

Class Features[edit]

Bards may choose one Bardic Virtue power. In addition to those found on pg 67 of PHB2, You may also choose the following:

Virtue of Honesty Your inspiring presence allows team members to be more honest about when they need some help. Once per round, when an ally becomes flanked, prone, or bloodied, as a free action, you may allow the ally to gain temporary hit points equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier. The amount of temporary hit points increases to 3 + Charisma modifier at 11th level, and 5 + Charisma modifier at 21st level.

Suggested Feat: Implement Expertise (Human Feat:Alertness)
Suggested Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Heal, Perception, Streetwise
Suggested At-Will Powers: Inspiring Tune (4e Power) , Musical Arrow (4e Power)
Suggested Encounter Power: Distracting Tune (4e Power)
Suggested Daily Power: Vivid Storytelling (4e Power)

Musician Bards have an array of new spells to choose from. A list of these can be found here 4e Bard Powers

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