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"This average sized paragon katana is entirely nondescript, visually there are no obvious differences to a normal katana of its kind. If something were to set it apart, it would be the incredibly fine quality of the blade pheraps suggesting it to be a master smiths magnum opus. The blade itself has a single crack seeming to run across the top half of the blade, pheraps from where it deflected a mighty blow. Nothing though suggests the incredible power hidden within the blade, only those with great martial skill can perceive the aura of menace radiating from the blade."


Said to have been the greatest and last sword forged by a civilisation that conquered there Gods, this sword has cut down entire universes and is said to have tasted even the Supreme Beings blood. The methods and original purpose behind Murasames forging are lost to time however, it's first wielder is not. Wielded by the True Elder Bairn and Amidah, Saya, Murasame continues to cut down all those who stand before it, whether they be man or God. It is believed she is the sole survivor of that civilisations war against the Gods and may still be continuing it to this day. Terrifyingly she has been heard to remark on how Murasame was damaged during the war and is now far weaker than it was originally.


Murasame is a black and, in appearance at least, entirely nondescript Paragon Katana. It's only defying features are the incredible quality of the sword suggesting it to be of masterwork quality to the casual observer and the 30 ft aura of menace that emanates from the blade. This aura can only be felt by those with at least 10 levels in any martial class, this has no effect except to make the character aware of the blade as being stained with the blood of countless souls.

Murasame has a enhancement bonus of +99 and allows the wielder to apply both there strength and dexterity modifier simultaneously furthermore it will change shape and weight to optimally match its wielder. The blade is said to be certain death, or 'one cut, one kill' as it carries a potent ability to destroy both mortal and immortal alike. Anything killed by damage from Murasame is affected as if by the 'True Death' Malefic property, meaning it can never be resurrected. All those dealt damage by Murasame must pass a Fortitude save (DC 10+1/2 wielders ECL), or recieve 15d10 negative levels. This occurs every time they are dealt damage by Murasame until they successfully save against the effect, these negative levels last for 24 hours or until healed. Once a target has successfully saved against the effect they cannot be affected again for 24 hours, anyone reduced to 0 levels by this effect dies covered in indecipherable black text. Murasame also deals lethal damage to all targets and ignores all damage reduction as well as ignoring any miss chance due to any level of concealment. However, this only applies if the target can normally be dealt lethal damage or have their DR bypassed. So if they have DR X/- it doesn't bypass it or of they have regeneration X/- (such as a tarrasque) it still deals non-lethal damage. The blades greatest power however, is its capability to seemingly cut time itself allowing a it wielder to attack four times while most warriors would strike just once. This allows the wielder to attack four times for every one attack they would normally make, thus a full attack would be sixteen strikes. This acts as if converting one attack into four and so these cannot be subsequently traded for other forms of attack such as whirlwind attacks or manoeuvers, the only conveys extra attacks not actions. Due to the blades need to kill creatures many light-years in size, reach was addressed as a key issue by its original creators. Thus any attack made with Murasame is treated as using the 'Transversal' Transcendental ability, this allows the wielder to attack anything in sight.

Murasame is said to be a cursed blade, giving its wielder -133 to ac however, this cannot reduce the wielders ac below 0. The wielder can choose to further reduce their ac as a free action, for every 2 points of ac sacrificed over the first 133 they gain +1 to hit and damage. The wielder cannot however, reduce their ac below zero in this fashion.

It is not known how to destroy Murasame though the lack of any similar blades from its creators civilisation as well as the single crack running across its blade implies that it is possible at least, though this may require a being of Omnific power. Rumours speak of how its creators feared there creation and so created a fail safe to protect themselves should ever there magnum opus fall into the enemy's hands, this is the sheath currently used with Murasame. Once placed in this sheath it is impossible for any creature other than a True Elder Bairn to draw it again, the sheath itself is similar to Murasame in its fine workmanship, mysterious materials and nondescript nature.

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