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Multiskill Brawler (Brawler Archetype)[edit]

Written from the Rite Publishing alternate brawler archetype. This archetype can be simultaneously used with any other Brawler Rite Publishing archetype.

Skillful: The Multiskill Brawler may gain any of the class abilities of a Monk or Fighter from the list as a feat (bonus/regular) so long as she meets the prerequisites for it (Brawler level >= Monk/Fighter level) and she is within 3 levels of an equivalent level Monk/Fighter gaining the ability. This replaces Martial Flexibility. The list is as follows; Monk: Evasion, Fast Movement, Still Mind, Ki Pool, Purity of Body, Wholeness of Body, Improved Evasion, Diamond Body, Diamond Soul, Timeless Body, Tongue of Sun and Moon; Fighter: Bravery, Armor Mastery, Weapon Mastery.

Burdensome Variant: A Multiskill Brawler loses the class skills Brawler's Cunning and Brawler's Flurry. She then picks some of the following abilities. The first two replace Brawler's Cunning and Brawler's Flurry. Every subsequent abilities is gained the level after. Abilities are gained in descending order, skipping any abilities not chosen. Each additional choice raises the minimum non-lethal damage she has by 25% of her max HP (This damage cannot be healed by even magical healing or wish spells and is immediately applicable. This is closer to a permanent birth defect rather than damage). The Multiskill Brawler must pick at least 3 abilities but can choose all six. A Multiskill Brawler may always take full-round actions (or a standard and a move action) when staggered and does not go unconscious from non-lethal damage (though she still will fall unconscious from lethal damage as normal). If she chooses all six abilities, she is permanently staggered as normal when non-lethal >= lethal damage and will not be able to perform full-round actions (though she can still take a standard and move each round). Automatic bleed damage still does not occur until HP < 0 and non-lethal damage converts to lethal immediately as non-lethal = max HP (unless ability 1 is taken, then conversion does not occur until non-lethal damage = 1.5 x max HP). Abilities in order are as follows:

1. The Multiskill Brawler's non-lethal damage does not begin to convert to lethal damage until non-lethal damage equals 1.5 times her max HP (rounded down).

2. The Multiskill Brawler may substitute one ability modifier for another twice for one the following each: A save or combat modifier, a Hit Die modifier (Con), 3 skills of the same ability type, skill point modifier (Int), a class ability, or a feat prerequisite. Substitutions must be made using the same type of ability; physical (Str, Dex, Con) or Mental (Int, Wis, Cha).

3. The Multiskill Brawler gains the Flurry of Blows ability as a Monk of the Brawler's level. The Fighter close weapon group count as special Monk weapons for this ability.

4. The Multiskill Brawler may double the ability bonus of a single racial ability bonus.

5. The Multiskill Brawler may move up to two negative racial ability bonuses to a different ability score. These may be placed on the same score.

6. The Multiskill Brawler may add a +2 to one ability score.

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