Multiple locks (4e Skill Challenge)

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Trapped locks
Level 1
Skill Challenge
100 XP
As you approach the door you see that it is covered in a large array of locks
Goal: The door has four locks. Each primary skill can be attempted any number of times; each success unlocks one lock. All the locks must be dealt with to open the door.
Complexity: 1 (4 successes before 3 failures)
Primary Skills
Primary skills can be attempted any number of times.

Thievery (DC 12 standard action)
You successfully pick a lock. If you fail, roll 1d4.

  1. No other effect.
  2. A trap electrocutes the character performing this action. If they do not have lightning resistance, they lose 1 healing surge.
  3. The lock clamps down. If a theives' toolkit was being used, the pick set is broken and the character subsequently only gains a +1 bonus from using the toolkit until the end of the challenge.
  4. Intense fire shoots out of the lock, damaging a thieves' toolkit as above and the character performing this action looses 1 healing surge if they do not have fire resistance.

Arcana (DC 18 standard action)
You open 2 of the locks. This scores two successes. Other effects. If you fail a lock resets and you lose 1 success.

Secondary Skills
Arcana (DC 12 standard action; 1 attempt)

You figure out what locks are cursed and get a +3 bonus to the next Thievery check.

Perception or History (DC 8 standard action; 1 attempt)
The character discerns that some of the traps are locked, through either careful observation or knowledge of which craftsman built the door. The effects of the 1d4 table above are revealed.

Athletics (DC 12 standard action; 1 attempt)
One of the traps breaks and next roll has no consequences for failure.

The door opens.
The party cannot open the door, so must traverse some dangerous alternative such as a green-slime filled crawlspace.

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