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Muffled Shot [Psionic]

You can use your psionic abilities to make your shots harder to hear.
Prerequisite: Proficiency with the firearm used, Point Blank Shot, ability to manifest a concussion power, base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: If you pay 1 power point per shot while firing a handgun or longarm, the bullet makes no noise and the mechanical action of the weapon is muffled (Listen check DC 15 + Your manifester level to notice).
Normal: Normally you cannot make shots harder to hear without a suppressor and even then the supersonic speed of a bullet fired from a longarm causes noise.
Special: If a suppressor is used on the handgun or longarm the listen check DC required to notice the mechanical action of the weapon increases by +5.
Any power that deals damage by pummeling a target with telekinetic force qualifies as a concussion power for the purposes of this feat.

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