Mountain Crushing Fist (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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The most powerful strike a martial artist could know

Mountain Crushing Fist

Uldain of the Adamantine Arm was at his final ropes. Cornered by four Grandmasters of Aggressive Flow, and two Grandmasters of Active Flow, he fought for his life. Uldain pulled out every trick he knew, every strike he could possibly manage, but it was not enough. He was able to kill two of his assailants, but the other three approached his tired, worn out body, ready to deal the final blow. 'So this is the end, huh?' he thought. He reminisced about his family, the ones they had stolen from him. He thought of the glory days with Alrun. He put up no more resistance. Until he realized, staggering, 'No! Martha is still alive! I cannot let it end like this, with my wife in captivity!' And so he straightened out, and affixed three who dare attack his loved ones with a deadly glare. The three men flinched, but continued on, unabashed. Uldain marched from his corner to meet his attackers, and, stopping twenty feet shy of them, bellowed out a mighty roar, both of his arms becoming sheathed in a dull grey manifestation of Ch'i.

The three Grandmasters charged, and so did Uldain. He struck at the first to reach him with his right arm. The blow held incredible power, and broke the mans jaw easily, and sent him flying past the other men, and into the wall, dashing his head upon it, his brains scattering across the vertical platform. Uldain felt his body weaken, but he pushed through the pain, and attacked the next martial artist with his left arm. The appendage went completely through his body, piercing the heart, liver and lungs, killing the man instantly. The arm, however, also burst into a shattered form, the bones breaking upon impact. Uldain threw the corpse into the advancing form of his next enemy. It was only distracting for less than a second, but that is all it took. As the man kicked the body out of the way, Uldain appeared in front of him, and landed a direct hit upon his solar plexus. Time seemed to stop, and the body of the Grandmaster and the arm of Uldain cracked, shining a grey light out of each of the crevices. Then suddenly, both exploded, the Grandmaster and the arm of Uldain, into a spectacular mess of gore.

Soaked in blood, Uldain fell to his knees, but refused to fall unconscious. Fortunately, his bones only broke off into two pieces, so he picked up the other half of his ulna and radius that was connected to his missing hand. He fused the four bones with what little supplies he had, and then wrapped the mangled pieces of skin still connected to him around the bones, searing those together the best he could. After doing his impromptu surgery, he headed out the door of the bloodstained house, and stared at the setting sun. It was time to kill a god.

Level: Hard 5
Type: Action (attack)
Prerequisite: Str 18, 1 level 5 Hard Flow maneuver, 5 other Hard Flow maneuvers
Description: The Mountain Crushing Fist is the end all Hard Flow maneuver. This is the strongest single maneuver in the world, but it doesn't come without its flaws as well. The attack does 12d10 points of damage (calculated like a normal strike), plus Int modifier. At level twenty, this is increased to 14d10, plus Int modifier x1.5. It is increased in a similar fashion every ten levels afterwards. However, this overwhelming damage is not the only thing the Mountain Crushing Fist is capable of. The blow is also treated like an awesome blow, sending the opponent flying (with the damage done by the technique still applying). On a critical hit, the opponent must make a Fort save (DC 30+Str) modifier or be instantly blown to pieces. Even on creatures that do not take critical hits this effect applies, as it is simply an explosive burst. The great power of the blow also does internal damage, causing 1d8 points of Con damage. This damage can be healed (for every 5 hit points healed, one point of ability score damage is healed). After initiating the Mountain Crushing Fist, the initiator may either use the rest of his attacks on the barely taking off enemy, or any adjacent creatures. In neither scenario can another Mountain Crushing Fist be used. Maneuvers may be used against the adjacent creatures, but not against the flying creature, unless noted as an extremely fast maneuver. Now comes the downside to this powerful maneuver. After the Mountain Crushing Fist has been used, the user becomes exhausted for 1d4 rounds, and cannot use maneuvers during that time. The user also cannot attack one round after the maneuver has been used. The Mountain Crushing Fist may be utilized three times per every 2 hours, but every strike after the first comes at a great cost. The second strike shatters your dominant arm, causing 1d10 points of Str damage. This damage is curable, but at a much slower pace than normal (for every 20 points of damage healed, 1 point of Str damage is healed). The third strike uses your non-dominant arm, and lessens each effect by 1/4. This strike also crushes that arm, dealing every point of Str left except for 1. This damage is healed at the same rate as the other arm. The reason there can only be three strikes, is because (most likely), you only have two arms! If not, each arm on the dominant side gets two strikes, each arm of the non-dominant side gets one strike, with the 3/4 usefulness.
Special: Unlike most other maneuvers, it uses up one full attack. Also, during the after attack, the initiator may use one maneuver per extra attack (using up the attack), unless stated as a very slow or long maneuver.

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