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Morph Venom [Special][edit]

Your body makes its own toxin.
Prerequisite: Con 13, must be able to change shape in one of the following five ways: change shape supernatural ability, shapechanger subtype, polymorph as a spell-like ability, able to cast the polymorph spell, wild shape or similar class feature
Benefit: With a successful attack using natural weapon, you can inject venom into your enemy. Treat this as a poison of injury type with DC equal to 10 plus your constitution bonus. Its initial damage is 1d4 Str and Dex, and its secondary damage is fatigue. Making venom takes time and so it can be used only once every 10 minutes.
Special: This feat can be taken up to 3 times. The second time you take this feat you can use this once per minute. The third time you take this feat you can use this feat once a round. If you cast the polymorph spell, has polymorph as a spell-like ability usable less often than at will, or has the wild shape class feature, then this feat loses function when you cannot use them.

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