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Throw the bones of your earth mother over your shoulders and grow the new race.

Physical Description[edit]

Geotun are humanoids composed of stone. They lack the menacing frame or impressiveness of size that golems enjoy. People who have seen geotun move say they are much more graceful than golems, with their joints being wholly connected, and their forms wondrously carved, unlike the usual rough shape of beings from stone. It is like they are humanoids with stone skin. Wholly composed of inorganic matter, they are can only mimic the common behaviors of other living creatures, such as eating and breathing. Though they do not have a nervous system or even the ability to see, their minds still feel each part of their body as if it possessed the same nerves as a human. As such, they still feel as though they are breathing or have a heartbeat, and can also feel pain, even from body parts that are completely destroyed.


There is a story of a couple which survived a great flood. They were torn by grief, as all their neighbors and friends had died, and thus no one was alive to help them rebuild. Not only that, but poisonous flies inhabited and tormented the area. The couple prayed to the gods, who told them to take the bones of mother earth and toss them over their shoulders. They took rocks, which were the earth's bones, and threw them as commanded. Suddenly, behind them, the rocks took form of the first geotun, humanoids made of stone. The helped the couple rebuild their society for the next few generations. At the end of reconstruction, the gods relieved them of their duty and allowed them to wander the earth as they wished for their reward. It is believed the deities which allowed for their rise are connected to the Elemental Plane of Earth.


Geotun live mainly amid complexes built into stone, caves, and cliffs. They have built small cities where a council reigns over public affairs. Their innate connection with the earth makes them excellent hires for mining companies, as they can easily find veins of minerals and gems. They commonly exchange services with dwarves and gnomes in exchange for tools and goods from other races. Geotun are typically adverse to water even though it does not harm them. Once a year they gather for a large ritual where new geotun will hopefully be created, with participating members throwing rocks over their shoulders to mimic how they first came into existence. After this event, they will often join a mass prayer in thanks to the gods who created them. When a geotun reaches the natural end of its life, having lost enough of its bodily functions to no longer be able to continue helping the rest of society, its friends and family go through a funeral ritual where the good deeds of the geotun's life are recounted to them, whether they were as big as defeating a powerful monster or as small as helping other elderly geotun with chores. When their life's story is finished, their suffering is brought to an end by either their closest confidant or an impartial party, after which their remains are interred in the earth to return them to the rocks they came from, usually in rocky soil or a hole mined out from solid stone. This grave is then filled with rocks piled high, both covering the body and marking where they were buried. Not all geotun choose to go at the same stage of their life, with some even trying to persist well after all their limbs and even their torso have crumbled away despite the constant pain.


Geotun are very docile lovers of nonviolence. They are typically quiet and soft-spoken, talking only when spoken to. However, they have firm resolve in the words they utter, for they believe in only speaking the truth. They believe themselves to just be simple people born of insignificance that was miraculously given sentience. The little things in life are enough to often make them happy, and they are usually thankful for their existence in the world. As a race, they consider themselves children of the earth and so are very respectful of nature. Even when they are helping miners, they try to suggest the most environmentally friendly methods of extraction.

Geotun Names[edit]

Geotun have no concept of gender and use the same names.

Names: Abdal, Garog, Bullem, Magda, Burkoz, Kog, Dalag, Gurega, Mulda

Geotun Traits[edit]

Cave dwelling genderless rock people.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2.
Age. Geotun reach adulthood after 20 years. They live to be 400 or so on average before erosion has caused enough damage for their limbs to stop working.
Alignment. Geotun tend towards lawful alignments and good alignments due their strict moral codes and strong beliefs towards non-violence and enjoying the simple things in life, but outliers have been known to veer wildly towards the opposite ends of the spectrum.
Size. Geotun have a wide range of heights, varying from just slightly shorter than the average human to much taller, and they are much heavier due to being made of solid rock. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Tremorsight. Geotun sense for vibrations in their surroundings to "see." You can perceive your surroundings without relying on sight within a specific radius. You have tremorsense out to a range of 60 feet while touching the ground, but are blind beyond this radius.
Bulky Make. Geotun have tough bodies for endurance more so than taking hits. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.
Rock Being. You are a being made wholly of stone. Your creature type is construct instead of humanoid. As such, spells like cure wounds don't affect you, and you are immune to spells like crown of madness or dominate person because they specifically target humanoids. You are immune to poison damage, being poisoned, and diseases. You do not need to eat or breathe, and any food you do attempt to eat is crushed up in your mouth but falls out due to the lack of a throat. Rather than sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 6 hours each day. You do not dream in this state; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Earth Sense. Even the youngest geotuns have an innate sense of what the differences are between various rocks and other minerals. You have advantage on (Nature) checks to find veins of ore and gems and to determine what kind of rock, metal, or gem a mineral is.
Languages. You can read, write and speak in Common and Terran, a dialect of the Primordial language.
Subrace. Though there are many different kinds of stone a geotun can be born from, each falls into one of three categories: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Pick one.


Igneous geotun are formed from rocks that used to be lava or magma such as basalt, granite, and obsidian. They retain the resistance to acid and fire most igneous rocks possess but are particularly brittle, with little to no give in their bodies. They also seem to constantly radiate heat, not enough to be dangerous or even burn skin but enough to keep themselves and others warm in the cold.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Igneous Origin. You have resistance to acid and fire damage, but you are vulnerable to thunder damage. You also have disadvantage on saving throws against bludgeoning damage.
Heated Body. You and each creature within 5 feet of you are unaffected by the effects of Extreme Cold, as written in Chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. However, other creatures still need weather-appropriate clothing to benefit from this feature.


Metamorphic geotun come from rocks that used to be other rocks until immense heat and pressure transformed them. These include marble, quartzite, and schist, and often have crystals lining their bodies. This makes them shiny and often quite pretty to look at, and though technically still brittle like their igneous cousins the toughness and variations in the materials of their bodies counteracts such weakness. They also have a slight innate resistance to magic, thought to be due to the fact they're made from materials often used as part of magical items and foci.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Metamorphic Origin. You have a +1 bonus to saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
Sparkly. You shine or sparkle in the light. This has no impact on whether or not you'll stay hidden in a dark area, but other creatures that can see you might be more likely to notice you or comment on your appearance. However, you do glow bright light out to a radius of 5 feet and dim light for another 5 feet while standing in bright light, and dim light out to a radius of 5 feet while standing in dim light.


Sedimentary geotun tend be softer in body and more malleable in mind like many of the rocks they can be made of. Often made of limestone or sandstone, some end up composed from chalk, salt, or even coal. This softness makes them unusually hard to break mentally and easier to repair physical, with replacement material melding to their bodies more naturally. This does not make them more resistant to physical or psychic harm than most other beings, unfortunately.
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Sedimentary Origin. Whenever you roll a hit die to regain hit points, you regain 1 additional hit point.
Stoic Mind. If you would suffer a short term madness, a long term madness, or an indefinite madness, you instead suffer nothing, a short term madness, or a long term madness, respectively.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 0'' +3d6 260 lb. × (3) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a geotun character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 My simple words hide a much more advanced mind that enjoys intellectual conversation.
2 A stranger is just a friend I haven't meet.
3 I enjoy using flowery language and often make grandiose statements and gestures.
4 I see no need to add the pains of the world. If I can offer a kind word or helping hand, why shouldn't I?
5 I can do it tomorrow. The world doesn't change that fast.
6 I am the rock in other's lives, the shoulder they can lean on.
7 The rocks were here long before organic beings and even the gods. Of course I'm better than they are.
8 I like my time in solitude. No need to talk to strange people all the time.
d6 Bond
1 There are so many different kinds of rock in the world. I want to find them all!
2 I'm the wrong kind of rock. Someday, I'll be the right kind.
3 I had to leave my still-living brother behind after an attack. I'll find him again.
4 The rocks we gather with are more important than the stone we were hewn from.
5 I aspire to greater things than the simple ways of my people.
6 My people were enslaved and forced to work in a mine. It is my destiny to free them.
d6 Flaw
1 As if I need someone else to my job for me.
2 Nobody would eve lie to me! I'm too nice!
3 I have the social awareness of a rock.
4 I'm slow to think, and very indecisive.
5 I'm literally made of stone. Nothing can hurt me!
6 The crumbling of society is of no concern to me. It was doomed anyways.

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