Mordenkainen's Mithral Battle Armor (3.5e Equipment)

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Worn by Mordenkainen into battle, this mithral armor is said to have made him invincible. Mordenkainen was a renouned Wizard, creator of magic items, and inventor of spells. Arguably, some of his greatest acheivements were in the feild of Abjuration. In fact, some scholars claim Mordenkainen was in fact an Abjurer. Regardless, one of his greatest creations, the Mithral battle armor, reaks of abjuration magic, and is almost overpowering when not hidden.

This mithral +7 glammered chain shirt provides universal energy resistance 20, DR 15/-, and Spell Resistance 29. When not glammered, the armor creates such a flux of magic around the wearer that attempts at divination spells or spell like abilities with the wearer as a target automatically fail and when some sort of scrying affect (including, but not limited to scry location) would normally see the wearer, the wearer only appears as a mass of static. In addition, it grants the wearer +10 on spellcraft checks made to activate a magic effect, whether casting a spell from a wand or scroll, or utilizing a different magic item. Non-magical AC bonus, spell failure chance, armor penalty, and maximum dexterity bonus to armor class are the same as a normal mithral chain shirt.

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