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Moonflower Extract[edit]

It is said that the moonflower can only bloom when it is planted in the corpse of a person who has been murdered. Even then, it will only bloom at the first full moon and until the next. When it blooms, each day it releases a seed, which will float 1 mile up in the sky and be carried by wind until a murder occurs within a 5 mile radius. At that point it will fly in a direct path to the body at a slow speed that usually takes about half a day to arrive. It will then burrow into the body and restart the cycle. Needless to say, the extract of a seed is rare.

Though the plant and seed use magic, the extract from a seed is not magic itself. The substance is so vile that it takes years away from the life of anyone that touches it. It also has a tendency to be attracted to nearby creatures, and it can quickly "jump" nearly 5 feet randomly. For this reason, the extraction process is difficult and dangerous.

Type: Contact (DC 50, a natural 20 can still fail the save)
Initial Damage: 5 years
Secondary Damage: 5 years

Effect: The poisoned creature's cells automatically age. This is treated as if they had aged 5 years (10 with secondary damage), but they are not treated that old for the purposes of gaining ability scores (so they can still lose Str, Dex, and Con). The creature can continue to keep track of their age using their previous age to figure out when their other ability scores increase (they do not miss their chance if they go up an age category due to this poison). Since it is the cells aging, this poison will not cause a child to grow, but instead, can completely skip their growing stages.
Usage: Without the poison usage class feature, you have a 50% chance to poison yourself when applying the poison. Even with the class feature, you have a 10% chance. The Reflex save on a natural 1 on an attack roll to avoid poisoning yourself is also increased to DC 30.

Price: 50,000 gp

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