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Moon Elf[edit]

Silent stalkers of the night..

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'4-6'2
Average Weight: 130-190lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexerity, +2 Wisdom or +2 Strength
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Elven
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Stealth
Elven Kinship: You are considered an Elf as far as meeting perquisites.
Fey Origin: Your ancestors were native to the Feywild, so you are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Trance: Rather than sleep, Moon Elves enter a meditative state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Group Awareness: You grant non-Elf and non-Moon Elf allies within 5 squares of you a +1 racial bonus to perception checks.
Wild Step: You ignore difficult terrain when you shift (even if you have a power that allows you to shift multiple squares).
Elven Accuracy: You can use Elven Accuracy as an encounter power.

Elven Accuracy Moon Elf Racial Power
With an instant of focus, you take careful aim at your foe and strike with the legendary accuracy of the Moon Elves.
Free Action personal
Effect: Reroll an attack roll. Use the second roll, even if it's lower.

The Moon Elves are Elves who found the night easier to hunt in than the day. The quarry sleeps for the night, and you have cover. Durring the Drow Uprising they fought as scouts attacking Lolth's camp under the cover of night.

Play a Moon Elf if you want...

  • To be more enigmatic than the common Elf
  • To be a stealthy archer.
  • To be an excellent guard; noticing and picking off enemies before they get close.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Avenger, Monk, Ranger, Rouge, and Seeker classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Moon Elves resemble normal elves, except much more fair. They have a pale complexion from less sun, and sun burn much easier. Their hair is usually white and never gets much darker than a light blond. They have the same ear shapes and eye colors as Elves (blue, violet or green) Moon Elves have lifespans similar to Elves.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]


Moon Elf Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Moon Elf adventurers are described below.

Ranger: Beiro is a Moon Elf ranger. One day he decided to head out into the forest out of curiosity. He found himself out longer then he thought and by the time he got back to his tribe's grove they had left. He had searched the whole forest but couldn't find even any tracks. He eventually met a party of adventurers who had set out to explore jungles and forests in an attempt to whipe out a witch-doctor cult. Now he scouts and leads the party safely through some of the most overgrown parts of woodland that no man had been through before.

Monk:Lia is a Moon Elf centered breath monk. She was found on the doorstep of a monastery and raised by other monks. Despite the hard discipline she was taunted by the other youth for her differences. Soon the taunting got too much for her to handle and she found herself leaving the only way of life she knew. Along the road she came across an adventuring party who was seeking scrolls of wisdom and she felt a calling. The party had a drow seeking redemption, and Lia found it hard to not resort to the cruleities she suffered at the monastery. After the drow sacrificed itself for Lia she found the enlightenment she never got back at the monastery.

Seeker:Varis is a Moon Elf seeker who was given an order by the Seelie Queen to go scout a world that the Feywild for some reason could't establish a lasting link to. In that planeVaris missed fey kind but found solace in an adventuring party. He now calls upon the primal spirits to lead him and the party to greatness.

Roleplaying a Moon Elf[edit]

When creating a moon elf adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

One of the Tribe Moon Elf characteristics vary from tribe to tribe; from quiet and organized to a little more rambunctious. One thing is common however-on the hunt all Moon Elves are quiet team players with the goal taking priority only after companionship. To earn a Moon Elf's trust is to have a bow at your back ready to fight along side you.

Creatures of Night Moon Elves are just as respectful of the natural world as their Elven kin. Since most Moon Elves sleep during the day and don't get to revere in many beauties of the forest. There are, however, just as many beautiful sights at night.

Into the Forest During the day a Moon Elf tribe would retire to their encampment, which would be found in the darkest region of the woodland. Their settlements are built to be packed up and moved quickly but a tribe could stay secluded somewhere for decades.

Moon Elf Characteristics: Agile, Enigmatic, Loyal, respectful, Stealthy, Tempestuous.

Male Names: Adran, Aelar, Beiro, Carric, Erdan, Gennal, Heian, Leilan, Lucan, Peren, Rolen, Theren, Varis

Female Names: Adrie, Awaya, Birel, Chaedi, Dara, Enna, Faral, Irann, Keyleth, Lia, Mialee, Shava, Thia, Valna

Moon Elf Racial Options[edit]

Paragon Paths:

Epic Destinies:

Moon Elf Feats[edit]

Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Paragon Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Epic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description

Moon Elf Utility Powers[edit]

When your moon elf character gains a class utility power after 1st level, you can forgo taking a power granted to you by your class. Instead you gain a utility power of the same level or lower.

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