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Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Balance +2
2nd Balance +2 Evasion
3rd Wisdom +1
4th Balance +2 Evasion Ki strike (Magic)
5th Ancients 2 and Monk Affinity +21
6th Wisdom +1 Diamond Body
7th Sense Motive +2
8th Evasion Ki strike (Magic) Fast Movement 3
9th Dexterity +1
10th Ancients 2 and Monk Affinity +21 Monk Fighting Style3 4
11th Ancients 2 and Monk Affinity +41
12th Wisdom +1 Diamond Body AC Bonus (Ex)
13th Concentration +2
14th Sense Motive +2 Ki Strike (Adamantine)
15th Strength +1
16th Ki strike (Magic) Fast Movement 3 Improved Unarmed Strike,
17th Ancients 2 and Monk Affinity +61
18th Dexterity+1 Flurry of blows [-2/-2]
19th Tumble +2
20th Ancients 2 and Monk Affinity +21 Monk Fighting Style 4 Empty Body3

1.You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with Ancients2 and Monk classes.

2.Ancients is the base, but does not mean you have to be that race or even related to Ancients. This also branches out to all variants.

3.Monk level is your Wisdom modifier

4.You may learn 1 Monk Fighting Style when you reach this ability. Afterwards, you may learn 1 more style at the cost of a feat. You may do this multiple times

AC Bonus (Ex): When unarmored and unencumbered, Divide your Wisdom bonus (if any) by 3 and add it to your AC.

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