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Monastic Traveller[edit]

At a young age a travelling monk requested from your parents that you travel with him, your sole duty to bring supplies and information from the outside world to improve the wisdom of the inner workings of the monastery. You remember your old life, but are either grateful to be free from it, or resentful from the choice forced upon you. You regularly train with your brothers and sisters in the temple, but are mostly accompanying your master, learning directly from their teachings. This background is specific to monks. It is for the monk who has spent most of his childhood and all his adult life either in a monastery or traveling with a fellow monk. Work with your DM to flesh out your specific monastery. Add what races and genders are members. Add its location and area of influence.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Tool Proficiencies: One type of Artisan's Tools (Choose one appropriate for your monastery)

Languages: The native language + one of your choice (Remember to keep it in the theme of the lands surrounding your temple)

Equipment: A set of artisan's tools, Monastic symbol(ie. beads,ring, necklace), Clothes, Pouch with 10 GP.

Feature: Monastic Influence[edit]

While in the area where the monastery has influence people will tend to be helpful and friendly to the monk and his party. Additionally, merchants tend to be more helpful in providing information, no matter the followed deity (due to the constant trade of information).

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Unlike most, the traveling monk finds it easier to open up around strangers, and doesn't mind fraternizing with the locals in taverns, but still restricts their actions towards the followings of their temple. (For example, it's unlikely a monk will be found drinking ale and visiting a brothel, but will not be disgusted at the idea of fellow party members partaking in these activities).

d8 Personality Trait
1 The roads are open to me, I follow my feet and enjoy the journey that they take, like water filling a cup.
2 Like the gale winds I am direct and fierce, always respectful of those who respect others, but as the winds change I also provoke through sarcasm and jokes.
3 I am a peaceful forest lake. I am serene with my thoughts and my tranquility overflows unto those around me.
4 I strive for a better me tomorrow, always improving both physically and spiritually through hard work.
5 I am one with myself. I strive for balance in all things. I work hard but play just as hard.
6 I am shattered. Something has happened that has shaken my beliefs and I will not find peace until I can face what has happened.
7 I have never found a problem that a good boot to the head could not cure.
8 I am only an extension of my monastary, and only seek the adventures travelling on its behalf brings because the spiritual guidance elude me still....
d6 Ideal
1 Brotherhood. I never feel alone as long as I know my brothers (and/or sisters) are out there. (Any)
2 Pacifist. My skills are only to be used for defense. I will not kill my opponent unless it is unavoidable. (Good)
3 Respect. I will advocate against any sighted injustice, especially those that disrespect the core beliefs of my Monastary (Lawful/Good)
4 Power. All this training and meditation is just a means to an end. (Evil)
5 Unchained. I am a free spirit, roaming the land and bringing change. (Chaotic)
6 Meditation. In order to understand the world, I must first understand myself. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 I have a duty to my order and will stand with them in all things.
2 I have received enlightenment but the world is still in darkness. I must bring enlightenment to others.
3 My mentor was a fallen monk, who's ideals have twisted my outlook on the temple.
4 My mentor was struck down protecting me from a powerful foe, I seek to defeat this foe with my own two hands.
5 I strive to bring balance to the land.
6 I love my brothers but I can not help but wonder who my parents were or why they brought me to the monastery. Hmmmmm...
d6 Flaw
1 I am still unable to instill my masters teachings, and am unable to hold still in the presence of injustice, provocation or disrespect towards me or others.
2 I am extremely uncomfortable around (gender(s) I am attracted to, specific race, nobility, exct.)and find myself stammering, blushing, and loose all my composure.
3 I panic in large cities and usually try to avoid them.
4 I have no respect for those who do not respect themselves.
5 I left my monastery after a bad argument with my master. I am NEVER going back.
6 My way of peace and meditation is the only way. Those who travel with me must meditate with me at least once a day or I will refuse to help.

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