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Momentum Rush [General, Movement][edit]

Use amazing speed to crush a foe
Prerequisite: 20+ Dex, 18+ Con, Run, BAB 7+, Speed Star (must be taken at least twice)
Benefit: When taking the charge action, you may move your run speed instead. For ever one hundred feet of possible movement, gain 1d10 extra damage(i.e. if you can move up to one thousand feet, add 10d10 damage, regardless of distance actually moved). This damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. Only useable when in light or no armor and less than a medium load. All things that prevent a normal charge (unable to move ten feet first, objects in the way, ex.) still apply. When you take this feat, your run multiplier increases by one.
Special: If for any reason you can make a full attack as part of the charge, the bonus damage only applies to the first hit

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