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Momentum Fist Master Attack 15
When your opponent's great axe comes swirling at you, you side-step, grab your opponent's wrist, and use its own momentum to throw him behind you. Too bad for those that stand in the way.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Unarmed
Immediate Interrupt Melee weapon
Trigger: One creature attacks you with a melee attack
Target: the triggering creature.
Attack: Dexterity Vs. Reflex
Hit: You take no damage from the attack. Push the target 2 squares behind you (you actually pull it first on your square, then push it into one of the three squares opposite to its initial position, and push once more in the same direction). Any creature on the path of the push move is pushed one square to the side.
Silk path: On a hit, target is knocked prone after being pushed. Creatures on the way take damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

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