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The Hidden Mist Village, located within the Land of Water, is known for its incredibly talented assassins and architectural advancements, even before the technological explosion after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Prior to the Fifth Mizukage's era, it was also known as the Blood Mist Village due to the requirement of all Mist academy students to kill a number of their classmates to graduate.

Mist Village Genin[edit]

Name CR

Mist Village Chunin[edit]

Name CR
Utakata (5e Creature) 8

Mist Village Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Kabutowari's Wielder (5e Creature) 12
Kiba's Wielder (5e Creature) 12
Mist Hunter-Nin (5e Creature) 13
Nuibari's Wielder (5e Creature) 12
Shibuki's Wielder (5e Creature) 12
Suigetsu (5e Creature) 8
Utakata, Initial Release (5e Creature) 9
Zabuza Momochi (5e Creature) 12

Mist Village Kage[edit]

Name CR
Byakuren (5e Creature) 13
Chojuro (5e Creature) 12
Gengetsu (5e Creature) 12
Haku (5e Creature) 12
Mei (5e Creature) 12
Third Mizukage (5e Creature) 13
Utakata, Tailed Release (5e Creature) 13
Yagura, Tailed Release (5e Creature) 13
Yagura (5e Creature) 8

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