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Throughout the wasteland are tribes that may not play on a global level, but do have a significant impact on local communities. Here are a summary of smaller tribes found throughout the wastes.

GM's Note[edit]

Feel free to place these orgnizations where you think they will fit. Think of this page as a set of "organiztion seeds", to inspire new ideas or be expanded upon.

Aperture Scientific[edit]

A small clan of scientists living in the ruins of an "Enrichment Center," this group is dedicated to keeping its scientific pursuits alive. It's members are a collection of eccentric scientists, doing research to learn more about the world around them. Aperture Scientific takes its name from a Pre-War think-tank notable for its impact on the Society's philosophy. Any allies of this group will have access to a variety of Pre-War technologies, though they may be asked to perform highly dangerous "tests".

Followers of the Apocalypse[edit]

The Followers' goal is to bring the torch of knowledge to the wastes and facilitate the free flow of information, technology, and supplies among the peoples of the wasteland, though they usually give special attention to those most in need. They often provide education, medicine, and scientific expertise free to all who require it, and their members are frequently found lending their aid to the needy wherever they can.

Brotherhood of Steel[edit]

The remnants of the Pre-War U.S. military, this group has spent the past 200 years guarding and securing advanced technology. However, almost all major groups are at odds with the Brotherhood, since they feel they can make use of the technology for their people. The Brotherhood refuses to share its technology, fearing most wastelanders would simply blow up the planet again. Include their xenophobia and reluctance to accept new members, and most agree the Brotherhood of Steel is headed for extinction.


Believed to have descended from fanatical members of the Pre-War United States government, this secretive organization has been all but eliminated between the Society, NCR and Legion. While only small groups may still exist, their strength should not be underestimated. With possibly the most advanced technology in the wasteland, from advanced power armor to plasma weapons, this group holds itself as the last unmutated survivors of the human race.

Terran Starship Command[edit]

Life in the nuclear wastelands is never easy, but some have it harder than others. In 2278, William Joseph McAllister was exiled from Vault 101 at the age of 19, after his father and mother were executed for treason against the vault's dictatorial Overseer. Forced from the relative safety of his vault, he found himself in a world that had no place for a child raised with computers and boxing. He managed to scrape together a living by repairing odd pieces of machinery and weapons, and he always jumped at the chance to work with computers.

After a year, William once again found himself under suspicion. Another former vault dweller began a reign of terror across the wastelands, laying waste to dozens of innocents across the land. No settlement would have him once they discovered his origins, forcing McAllister to flee into the treacherous northern reaches of the wastelands.

It was there that William came across the impossible: a beacon of clear extra-terrestrial design, unlike anything his vault education had prepared him for. Even more jarring for the young McAllister was the sudden burst of light that dragged him kicking and screaming into the sky. He found himself on an impossibly large alien craft, held captive by bizarre creatures for reasons unknown.

Working together with several other captives, McAllister was not only able to escape confinement, but managed to seize control of the ship. The other escapees quickly fled the craft, fearing the return of more alien creatures. William Joseph McAllister, on the other hand, embraced the unprecedented opportunity to truly escape the wasteland. He gathered food, medicine and various bits of equipment, and prepared to leave his world on the spaceship, which he dubbed the 'Tallahatchie'.

However, his dream was crushed, when he found the craft had been immobilized during his escape with the other captives. He resolved that he would stop at nothing repair the ship. He began enlisting help from various wastelanders with similar abandonment issues, including a number of disillusioned officers of the authoritarian Enclave. He built an army of stargazing nomads, all unified by the dream that they would leave the wastelands for a quest to journey amongst the stars.

For 10 years, the Terran Starship Command has attempted to repair the Tallahatchie, under the direction of McAllister. While the engines have not yet been repaired, they still work diligently, motivated by the enduring hope that they will be able to leave the wastelands once and for all.

GM's Note[edit]

This tribe is based heavily on the excellent Mothership Zeta Crew modification for Fallout 3. Find it on the Fallout 3 Nexus to get better acquainted with this organization, and to play a great mod.


While few wastelanders believe in superstition, the Highwaymen of Brahmins, West Virginia, believe they fight pure evil every day. This tribe is almost entirely dedicated to finding every piece of occult information, anything that will help the combat the unnatural hordes from the other side of The Shadow, a mysterious dimension home to mysterious beasts and strange magic. Many claim the Highwaymen are a group of insane killers, murdering the innocent in their delusions. However, the Highwaymen point to their ancestors, and hold that only a few can see the world for what it is.

GM's Note[edit]

This group can be a great way to introduce arcane elements into your game, or a way to toy with your players, letting them doubt whether or not the world is really what it seems.

The Republic of Dave the Third[edit]

The Republic of Dave is a small farming settlement isolated in the wastelands. It is considered by its close-knit inhabitants to be a sovereign nation-state. In earlier years it was known as the Kingdom of Tom, before being taken over by its current ruler's grandfather, Dave, who subsequently allowed voting, and thus, it became a republic.

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