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Minkelth (Minki)[edit]

A magical race whose civilization was erased from history in a single night.

Minkelth Showcase.png
Racial Traits
Average Height: 2'10" - 3'2"
Average Weight: 25 - 35 lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma; +2 Constitution or per sub-race
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: See Manifestation of Magic
Spell Weave Origin: You are a creature infused with energy directly from the Spell Weave and are considered a Spell Scarred creature. You can sense spell

scarred creatures up to 10 spaces away but they can't sense you until you use your aura. A Minkelth cannot get a spellscar due to their connection to the magic in the land nor can they be cured of a spellscar since they lack one

Magical Sense: You are considered trained in Arcana. When making an Arcana check to sense magic or identify magical properties you can roll twice and take the better of the results.
Magical Prodigy: You can use the wizard cantrip prestidigitation as an encounter power.
Manifestation of Magic: You are an embodiment of magic and you hold either Order (Creation) or Chaos (Destruction) within your blood
---Order (Bozife) Your body surges with magical energy causing your fur to briefly fade to the color of your iris.: All Bozife Minkelth have these features
1. Ability Scores: : +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, or +2 Constitution
2. Skill bonus: : +2 Arcane, +2 Diplomacy
3. Bozife Aura: : You can produce an aura of light around you.
4. Manifestation of Order: : You can use the Manifestation of Order power
---Chaos (Erulft) Your body appears cracked with jagged lines the color of your iris jutting all across it.: All Erulft Minkelth have these features
1. Ability Scores: : +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, or +2 Constitution
2. Skill bonus: : +2 Arcane, +2 Acrobatics
3. Erulft Aura: : You can produce an aura of light around you.
4. Manifestation of Chaos: : You can use the Manifestation of Chaos power

Bozife Aura Minkelth Racial Power
The glow given off by your eyes, tail, ears, and whiskers push back the taint of the spellplague
At-Will Star.gif Light, Personal, Varies
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You create an aura 2 around you but shed a low light of 5
Special: Creatures exposed to your aura are immune to the effects of the Spellplague Sustain:No action but you can end it as a free action

Manifestation of Order Minkelth Racial Power
Your Aura intensifies shielding you and your companions from harm deflecting their attacks
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Close Burst 2
Requirement: You must be using your Bozife Aura
Target: All allies exposed to your aura (Including yourself)
Effect: Until the end of your next turn allies exposed to your Aura receive a +1 bonus to all defenses.

Erulft Aura Minkelth Racial Power
As your eyes, tail, ears, and whiskers burst into flame the spellplagues corruption burns away
At-Will Star.gif Light, Personal, Varies
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You create an aura 2 around you but shed a low light of 5
Special: Creatures exposed to your aura are immune to the effects of the Spellplague. Sustain:No action but you can end it as a free action

Manifestation of Chaos Minkelth Racial Power
our Aura flares up leaving your opponents blinded by the erratic flashes leaving openings in their defenses
Encounter Star.gif Arcane
Minor Action Close Burst 2
Requirement: You must be using your Erulft Aura
Target: All enemies exposed to your aura
Effect: Until the end of your next turn all enemies exposed to your Aura suffer a -1 penalty to all defenses.

Minkelth descend from a race that Mystra “while she was alive” infused with her own magic to be called upon when she needed to which has been passed down from generation to generation. This connection to the Weave allows them to channel the magical energy in their blood to infuse the area around them with magic causing them to emit a light all the while affecting the creatures around them. With the magics of the weave flowing in their bodies they suffer no effect from age and show only cosmetic changes from it in the form of their iris coloration beginning to bleed to the whites of their eyes as the magic in their body preserves their bodies and allows them to outlive any race. They feel no effects from aging and remain youthful until the end of their days should it come naturally. When the Goddess Mystra died by the hands of Cyric and the Spell Weave collapsed destroying anything in its way the Minki cities were among the many places destroyed inclusinmg their capital Rossenbargh (Ross-in-bar). though a number of Minkelth survived they were left with no where to go but to the ruins which was there home, a land altered by the rampant magic or a foreign world they are unfamiliar with. Because of their connection to the Spell Weave the magic in their body is the same found in the plague-lands rendering them immune to its hostile effects to all living creatures and objects in it. The Minkelth come in two different variations. Bozife (Order) who prefer to outwit and outsmart their opponents with clever tactics and perfected techniques Erulft (Chaos) whom prefer to overcome their opponents with speed and natural talent. A Minkelth will commonly live for at least 1000 years but are capable of living several millenia given that the don't die from disease or other means. Both Minkelth represent a different side of magic but they agree that one can't exist without the other and will commonly seek companionship with one of the opposite gender who has the opposite personality.

Play a Minkelth if you want...

  • To be naturally attuned to magic
  • Be a race that has lost their patron deity
  • Be a race that is both intellectual and random
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Swordmage, Artificer, Bard, Rouge, Sorcerer, or Hexblade "See Essence Blade class" classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Minkelth are a race of magical weasel like humanoids who are survivors of a tragic event known as the spell plague there are two variations of Minkelth whom both look very different. Regardless to the variation of Minkelth they have several very similar features. They both have non prehensile tails that are roughly 2' - 3' long and Whisker like appendages that are roughly 8” - 12” long. Male Minkelth have their whiskers very close to their nose much like a mustache and are able to grow a tuft of fur under their chin like a beard while females have their whiskers on their cheeks roughly set under their eyes these whiskers on both male and female are capable of motion and often move to different positions based on the Minkelths feelings and disposition. Both variations have claws on their hands but they are not suited for scratching they usually have claws on their feet usually around 2” - 3” long and will commonly walk barefoot so their claws can help them grip the uneven grounds of the plaguelands. Their ears can be somewhat rounded much like some rodents but are usually pointed. Bozife who will have fur that glitters with magic fading to a shade of the color their Iris momentarily as well as the tips of their ears, whiskers, and tail dyed the color of their Iris as well as a corona of color around their eyes matching them. Their fur and hair usually comes in metallic colors but can be chromatic to usually shades of Black, Brown, Yellow, White. They tend to be calm and rational who have a curious demeanor and will commonly read books and closely examine art and other objects of interest. Erulft who have jagged lines the same color as their iris running all across their bodies giving them the appearance of being cracked. These are threads of magical energy that has appeared on the surface of their skin they will usually run along their veins and show through their fur and will occasionally spark with magic or emit a small fire which is the same color as the lines, and their fur and hair usually comes in bizarre colors and may not be the same color. They are more often than not impatient, quick to anger and mischievous and will often not consider the consequences of their actions. All Minkelth can use their inborn magic to form symbols and glyphs to communicate to one another without talking this is called Minsi these symbols are used as a written language and as a spoken language. They also posses the ability to create fields of magic around them affecting living creatures close to them. Due to the length of their lives most Minkelth will avoid commuting with other races to avoid outliving many generations of their friends. Many Minkelth detest heavy armor preferring to rely on their agility or ability to decipher their opponents actions to keep them out of harms way. Most will take to dodging or deflecting rather than absorbing the blow. (See Armor Swap at http://hastur.net/wiki/Martial_Arts_Option_(4E) you may have to look around a little to see the dodge feat. It gives +2 to AC while wearing cloth or no armor and does not qualify as unarmored agility).

Playing a Minkelth[edit]

A Minkelth's playing style will depend heavily on whether you are playing a Bozife or an Erulft. If you are playing a Bozife you will be more intellectual and willing to learn and perfect techniques and tactics through study. While the Erulft will be Irratic and always wanting to get going and show off their talents. There are several key points to playing a Minkelth.

1.You are a magical creature: You are often interested in magical items and will usually try to figure out their function regardless to whether you are a Bozife or an Erulft.

2.You will most likely outlive those around you in terms of age: You will most likely outlive any companion you make with the exception of an immortal or a well kept construct. You may keep yourself emotionally distant to avoid mourning over the inevitable or you may try to embrace and enjoy what time the time you spend with them.

3.You will most likely always stick out: Looking the way a Minkelth does they aren't hard to single out of a crowd whether it's due to their appearance or the fact that they can glow or burst into flame. You may not enjoy the social interactions of a city whether its because everyone stares at you or refers to you as a weasel or small humanoid.

4.You will sense out any Spellscarred or plaguechanged creature before they sense you: You are capable of sensing creatures that have a connection to the weave or have been contaminated by the spellplague. You may see them as blessed by Mystra's magic or as an abomination. You could even pity them for having a spellscar involuntarily.

5.Magic is nothing new to you: Magic is an everyday part of your life. While others may be amazed by the magical properties of an item you find in your travels you may look at it as just another item. You see the enchantments of everyday items to be just as normal to you as the very magic that flows through your veins.

A common Minkelth profession is the Essence Blade which is a custom version of the Hexblade that is designed more around the Minkelth as it uses Dexterity or Intelligence for its bonus damage and effects. Whether your DM allows this or not is up to them otherwise use a Hexblade pact that uses Dexterity or one that uses intelligence and modify the fluff to sound more like them using their own inner magic to fuel their power

Minkelth Characteristics: Calm, Rational, Observant, Curious, Impatient, Rash, Short Tempered, Random, Wild, Irrational, Mischievous, Reclusive, Outgoing.

Male Names: Kurl, Tuyl, Ush, Nelin, Yuev, Fere, Geli, Terio, Vitryn, Zoloith.

Female Names: Imlo, Kiuy, Lity, Reuy, Welf, Nemi, Amal, Diyt, Fryio, Yimilit

Minkelth Adventurers[edit]

Some sample Minkelth adventurers are described below.

Victryn: A Bozife Minkelth Essence Blade who survived the spellplague and has seen the outcome. He has lost almost all he has known and cared for and has taken to the life of an adventurer in an attempt to find others of his kind that may have survived. He is pained to know that the ones he travels with will most likely be dust before he dies and tries to remain emotionally separated although his Blade of Reflective Soul shows that he has grown accustom to their company

Nemi: A Erulft Minkelth Avenger. Still worships Mystra despite that fact that she has died. She has read in the texts of the temple dedicated to Mystra that she had died once before and had reicarnated with the help of Elminster. Se has set off to find Mystra's Reincarnation in an attempt to restore her to her former glory.

Geli: a Erulft Minkelth Bard he travels the world telling tales of things he has seen using his Prestidigitation to bring his stories to life with images that the audience can see. He enjoys his carefree style of life not really worrying about anything. He meet up with a group of adventures and happily follows them around so he can see and later tell of the wonders that they find along the way.

Racial Options[edit]

Heroic Tier Feats:

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