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Mind ring: Despite the title this is a bracelet made out of a clear gemstone. It appears to have a mind of it's own and can communicate with anyone within 5 feet. The bracelet appears to enjoy being worn and emits a powerful suggestion spell to humanoid creatures asking them to wear it. The save DC is 18 and is will based. The wearer loses 1 intelligence permanently as soon as it wears the object and may choose to lose one more intelligence every day. Every point of intelligence the object takes is added to it's intelligence which always starts at 29. The ring can roll intelligence checks for the wearer and thus gives the wearer a better chance at succeeding these checks. Once the wearer puts the bracelet on it can never be removed until the wearer has died and stayed dead for more then 5 days. Every 1d4 weeks the object will try to absorb another intelligence point from the wearer the save DC is will based and is 12. If the wearer has 1 intelligence point when the ring absorbs another the wearer dies.

The ring was created by an anonymous wizard who planned on using it to steal other peoples intellect.The ring's temptation was too great however and the wizard wore it instead and it slowly absorbed his consciousness. After which it was worn by a farm boy who tried to sell it but found the ring couldn't be removed. Since it's owners have become untraceable and it could be anywhere in the world just waiting for your 7 intelligence orc fighter PC to put on. The ring is nearly indestructible and can only be destroyed by a psion who isn't wearing it. The psion must cast SRD:Mind Seed on the ring and beat it's will save which it receives a +10 bonus to. After this has happened the object can be smashed as easily as a rather strong coffee mug.

Moderate enchantment; CL 18; Weight: 0.1Lb

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