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Military Asset[edit]

You were recruited by the military of a nation because of your abilities, your skills, your attitude. You're not a soldier, you are an asset. An asset has relative freedom, but must obey orders or they may be "liquidated". Why were you recruited? Are you a ruthless killer? A scholar of magic? A prisoner who escaped from jail? Or maybe just a plain old infantryman with a bad attitude and an alcohol problem.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception

Tool Proficiency: Choose one.

Languages: One standard language, or one exotic language if you can justify it.

Equipment: Traveler's clothes, an ink pen, a one ounce bottle of ink, a book (perhaps a journal or note book), proof of your position in a military (a letter, insignia, medal, etc.), and a pouch containing 15 gold pieces.

Feature: Briefing[edit]

Prior to commencing a mission (adventure), you request an overview and analysis of the area of operations from your superiors. You are briefed via letter on the current situation in the region and some lore about the area (at the DM's discretion). This lore tends to relate to military threats, hazards and potential assets (including some side-quests). Additional information in a briefing may be included at the DM's discretion. Additional letters may be sent at later dates containing additional information.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Military assets vary widely, coming from all walks of life and all arriving at the military from somewhere.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I always look over my shoulder, and keep my sword within reach at all times.
2 I fight in the name of my country, nothing else matters to me.
3 I am an asset, and assets can be liquidated. I must remember this.
4 I do what I do for the common people, not for kings and queens.
5 People never notice what I do for them, so why should I do anything for them.
6 If you're not military, you're nothing. Get out of my way.
7 I don't want to stand out, just to blend into the background.
8 I follow only because I must.
d6 Ideal
1 Loyalty. I fight for my country and for those around me. (Good)
2 Justice. Laws are there to keep us safe. I uphold the laws. (Lawful)
3 Selfish. I will use my position to my own ends. (Evil)
4 Change. I will pull the strings of others and bring about change from within. (Chaotic)
5 Command. I follow my orders and complete my missions. Nothing more, nothing less. (Neutral)
6 Truth. I seek and serve the truth, regardless of where it takes me. (Any)
7 Forgotten. I don't seek immortality in legend. I seek only to make a ripple before I am forgotten. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 My family cast me out. The military is my family now.
2 My brother/ sister is a city guard. I do what I do to protect him/ her.
3 My family writes to me every so often. It's good to hear from them.
4 I have no family. They're all dead.
5 Others weigh me down. I have no need for such restraints.
6 How can I trust others if I can scarcely trust myself?
d6 Flaw
1 I see things when I sleep. Not dreams or nightmares, but something.
2 Nobles disgust me. How dare they lavish in luxury.
3 I am afraid of no man, but I do scare myself.
4 My mind tends to wander when I'm not occupied.
5 I fail to understand civilians. What motivates them? What drives them forward?
6 I often see figures in the corner of my eye. But when I turn they disappear. Were they really there to begin with?

Footnote: This is my first background. Please comment any rule breaks or balance issues and I will rectify.

-Pax White

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