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Meteoric Iron is the name given to the metal created from meteorites and meteors.This is a fairly rare metal much like mythril only more expensive.Items forged of Meteoric Iron are automatically masterwork because of the high level of blacksmithing experience to craft anything from it. Weapons crafted from Meteoric Iron have their critical threat range increased by 1 and in addition give the weapon an extra damage die.Armor and shields also benefit from the fabled metal, receiving the following benefits: Heavy armor is treated as medium armor and gives the wearer DR:2, and medium armor is treated as light armor and gives the wearer DR:1, Light armor increases the armors AC bonus by 3. Shields crafted from Meteoric Iron give the user Since Meteoric Iron is such a heavy material all weapons created with it now require a Strength score of 20 to pick up and the weapons weight is increased by 50% in addition weapons crafted out of Meteoric Iron gives the user Power attack, Cleave and Great Cleave feat ignoring all prerequisites needed for it. All armor crafted out of Meteoric Iron takes 2-3 weeks longer to create for light, 3-4 for medium, 4-5 for heavy. Meteoric Iron has 40 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 18. If a light weapon is made out of Meteoric Iron the Strength requirement is lowered to 12. Meteoric Iron is available in all ages

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Meteoric Iron Item Cost
Light Armor +3,500gp
Medium Armor +7,500gp
Heavy Armor +12,500gp
Shield +1,500gp
Weapon +30,000gp
Other Item +500gp/lb.
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