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Through intense training, a metal bender gains the ability to manipulate metals. With an advanced understanding of how metals work, they are able to apply concentrated magnetic forces to manipulate metal to their advantage. Metal bending focuses on creativity, as it is the art of change and of transformation. Experienced metal benders are able to focus their metal bending abilities to specifically alter their bending style.

Metal benders come in all shapes and sizes and are free to use whichever style they feel suits them best. A dexterous metal bender may bend metal whips to climb, and use lighter metal armour for increased maneuverability. A strength-based metal bender may manipulate their weapon’s weight and size to maximize damage. A ranged-favouring metal bender uses metal arrows and bolts for increase accuracy and damage, whereas a close-combat metal bender would focus on increasing their defensive capabilities.

Making a Metalbender[edit]

Abilities: Their focus skill changes what is used for concentration checks, from being constitution-based to wisdom-based. Therefore, wisdom is the most important for a metal bender no matter the style, as any metal bending must succeed a concentration check.

Races: Any Race can become a Metalbender

Alignment: Any

Starting Gold: As rogue.

Starting Age: Simple

Table: The Metalbender

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +2 +0 +2 MM1, Focus, Familiar Metal
2nd +1 +3 +0 +3 MM2, Detect Metal
3rd +2 +3 +1 +3 Metal Quick Draw
4th +3 +4 +1 +4 MM3, Weapon Shift, Quick Rearm
5th +3 +4 +1 +4 Unique Bending, Comfortable Fit
6th +4 +5 +2 +5
7th +5 +5 +2 +5 MM4, Instant Weapon Shift (S)
8th +6/+1 +6 +2 +6 Unique Bending, Familiar Metal 2
9th +6/+1 +6 +3 +6 MM5, Armor Weapon, Constant Bending
10th +7/+2 +7 +3 +7 Perfect Fit, Magnetic Gift
11th +8/+3 +7 +3 +7
12th +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 MM6, Unique Bending, Metal Quick Don
13th +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 Instant Weapon Shift (M)
14th +10/+5 +9 +4 +9 MM7
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +5 +9
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 Unique Bending
17th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 MM8
18th +13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +11
19th +14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +11 MM9, Instant Weapon Shift (E)
20th +15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +12 Unique Bending, Levitate

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, x4 at 1st level)
Appraise (Int), Concentration (Wis), Craft Armor Smiting (Int), Craft Weapon Smiting (Int), Craft Metalworking (Int), Disable Device (Int), Knowledge Local (Int), Knowledge Metal Bending (int), Knowledge Dungoneering (Int), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Metalbender.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Metal Benders are proficient in all simple and marshal weapons as well as light, medium and heavy armors, including shields but not tower shields, as long as they are Metal and non-magical. A Metalbender can not add their metal bending bonuses to armour or weapons if the armour or weapon is magic. Nor can their bending affect magic metal unless they invest in the special perks and choose that particular metal. To maintain their bending benefits with magic weapons and armour, they must first invest in the proficiency of that particular magic metal; this does not mean they are proficient in all magic metals. For example, a metal bender can become proficient in using magic steel equipment, and they will regain all of their metal bending bonuses. This does not mean they can use their bending on magically imbued gold equipment. They must invest in magic gold to be able to use it with all of their benefits. If a bender does not invest in the special perk tree they can also become proficient by forfeiting a feat.

Skill Bonuses: +5 on Craft Metalworking, armour smithing, and weapon smithing. +2 to use rope when using a chain or metal cable and +2 to search checks when metal objects are to be found.

Focus: A Metal Bender has the ability to call upon internal energy and create ferromagnetic forces to manipulate metal. Focusing this energy is based from one’s wisdom; thus replacing concentration from being constitution-based to wisdom-based. It is important to note that a Metal Bender will loose any bonuses to AC, attack, damage, movement or any other bonuses the Metal Bender acquires if they are not using metal armour or weapons.

Familiar Metal: At Level 1, a Metal Bender will focus their energy into a square foot of metal an inch thick. After a 12 hour ritual, the Metal Bender becomes very familiar with the metal and gains a +5 bonus while trying to bend that particular metal. Most Metal Benders choose to incorporate that metal into either their armour, giving them a +1 AC and a -1 armour check penalty. Alternatively, they may instead incorporate this into their weapon, which gives them a +1 attack roll and a +1 damage. Circumstantially, if the familiar metal is lost or destroyed another ritual may be performed. At The 8th level, a Metal Bender gains the second piece of familiar metal using the same ritual; this metal may be any metal the bender is proficient in using.

Metal Manipulation (1-9): A Metal Bender can only manipulate ferrometals such as aluminum, cobalt, iron, nickel and steel. Metal Benders are unable to manipulate copper, bronze, lead, precious metals or magic metals without specializing in it. Any metal manipulation skill takes a standard action to perform. Additionally, if a metal bender fails the DC the action fails as well. Metal Bending that involves moving metal (ie, push/pull/lift/launch) is based on weight. For every 10lbs of metal being manipulated adding 5 to the DC with a base of 10. Furthermore, metal bending that shapes the metal i.e. crush/bend/shape; this is based on hardness. For each 5 points of hardness in the material add 5 to the DC check with a base of 10. As a metal benders improves, they will be able to perform tactics first only with direct contact (C), then prior contact (within wisdom modifier of rounds) (PC), and finally without contact (within 5ft/ wisdom-modifier area) (NC).

MM1 Cantrips: A Metal Bender learns how to manipulate ferrometals by reshaping and restructuring them to the characters/DMS digression. This is often what the Metal Bender does in their free time to practice. Incidentally, they are able to do this with (C), with no added DC, (PC) with a + 5 DC and (NC) with a +10 dc. The total DC is based on the hardness of the material. (See above)

MM2 (C) Push/Pull: A Metal Bender is able to push metal away from them or pull them closer with contact. The distance they push/pull increases the DC by 5 for every ten feet; this is in addition to the standard dc for moving an object. (See above)

MM3 (C) Bend/ Crush: A metal bender is able to bend or crush metal with contact. The DC is based on the hardness of the material. (See above)

MM4 (PC) Push/ Pull: A metal bender is able to push metal away from them or pull them closer with prior contact. The distance they push/pull increases the DC by 5 for every ten feet; this is in addition to the standard dc for moving an object. (See above)

MM5 (PC) Lift/Throw: A metal bender can now lift, levitate and throw metal objects using their metal bending. Thrown metal objects (ex. tomahawk) now get a +1 to hit, this stacks with familiar metal benefits if applicable. The distance they lift/ throw increases the DC by 5 for every ten feet; this is in addition to the standard dc for moving an object. (See above)

MM6 (PC) Bend/Crush: Metal Bender is able to bend or crush metal with prior contact. The DC is based on the hardness of the material. (See above)

MM7 (PC) Launch: A Metal Bender is able to launch a metal projectile without the use of a tool or weapon (can still use tool or weapon). Damage is treated as one size larger than is. Metal projectiles (ex crossbow bolt) now get a +1 to hit, this stacks with familiar metal benefits if applicable. The distance the metal bender can launch increases the DC by 5 for every 20 feet; this is in addition to the standard dc for moving an object. (See above)

MM8 (NC) Push/Pull: A Metal Bender is able to push metal away from them or pull them closer with no contact needed. The distance they push/pull increases the DC by 5 for every ten feet; this is in addition to the standard dc for moving an object. (See above)

MM9 (NC) Crush/ bend: A Metal Bender is able to bend or crush metal with no contact needed. The DC is based on the hardness of the material. (See above)

Detect Metal: At second level, a Metal Bender can use their detect metal ability that works like a detect evil/good. This ability work the same in that the amount of information gathered is based on the amount of time spent studying the area or subject. First round you detect the presence of metal Second round you detect the type and the amount of metal. Third round you can detect the location of metal Fourth round you can make accurate assumptions of the aments of people without seeing them. The dm will say the size, type and category of weapon. As well as what type of armor they have. For example you are told the subject on the other side of a door has light armor and a medium simple one handed bludgeoning weapon. A good guess would be that the subject has a chain shirt and a heavy mace. Every 4 levels a metal bender gains an extra use per day (max 5). (2=1 6=2 10=3 14=4 18= 5). The reach of this spell like ability is 10ft/ wisdom modifier.

Metal Quick Draw: At level 3 along with MM2 the metal bender has practiced using pull on their weapon to arm themselves so much that they can now do it almost instantly. It is treated as if the have the quick draw feat. No concentration check required.

Weapon Shift: A metal bender gains the ability to change the type of weapon they have with a successful metal bending check and weapon smiting check. Making a tiny weapon does not add to the dc. But any size category below tiny -5 from the base DC, any size category above tiny add a + 5 to the dc. Simple weapons have a Base Dc of 15, martial weapons have a base DC of 20, and Exotic weapons have a base DC of 25. A metal bender can not shift a masterwork weapon, nor can a master work quality weapon be shifted from a normal quality weapon.

Quick Rearm: A metal bender is very familiar and comfortable with their weapon, allowing them to summon it to their hand if it is off their person. A metal bender must make a concentration check of 10 + 5 for every size category above small. The metal bender can only call upon their weapon if it is within a 5ft/ wisdom modifier radius of them.

Instant Weapon Shift: A metal bender gains the ability to perform weapon shift as a free action. First with Simple weapons at lvl 7, martial at lvl 13, then exotic at lvl 19.

Unique Bending: As Metal Benders skills develop they start to form their own unique style. This unique bending allows the bender to diversify their style 5 different categories, Ranged, Grapple, Movement, Special, Attack and Defence. Each category has 3 perks that require the one before to unlock. As a unique bending point is spent in a category the bender also receives a bonus from that category.

Ranged: A ranged Metal Bender focuses on optimizing their attacks from a distance, manipulating metal to increase the precision and damage of their attacks. They will gain +1 to hit using ranged attacks for each perk in this category.
1 Dense shot: The metal bender replaces their standard ammunition for heavier solid metal versions. Normally too heavy to fly, a metal bender uses their bending to help the ammunition to fly straight and hit harder. This new ammunition adds a d4 of damage to the attack. The metal bender also gains the ability to craft solid metal ammo from scratch only needing the material to make them.
2 Instant Ammo: The metal bender becomes so familiar with the creation of metal ammunition that just by keeping metal on their person they are able to bend it into ammo with the same motions it takes to fire. With this the metal bender gains the equivalent to a rapid shot feat. If the metal bender already has rapid shot they gain an improved rapid shot which lowers the penalties for both shots by 2.
3 Magnetic Shot: The metal bender gains a once per day ability. Focusing magnetic energy in their shots, a metal bender treats ranged attacks as touch attacks. The projectiles can curve around obstacles; a clear shot is not needed so long as the metal bender knows their targets location. This ability lasts for 3+ wisdom modifier of turns.

Grapple: Focusing on restraining and restricting their enemies to overpower them rather than using brute force, grapple focused metal benders manipulate metal to hinder their opponent. They gain the ability to use their concentration checks instead of grapple checks when making grapple attempts with just metal, such as their metal bonds or the armour force ability. They will gain a +3 to grapple when in metal armour for each perk in this category.
1 Metal Bonds: The metal bender becomes very familiar with bending metal to trap or lock up their foes limbs. Quickly bending metal shackles or cuffs or blind folds and trapping their opponent in them. This is done by making a touch attack; if successful a concentration check is made. The metal bender can use up to three checks but each one adds a -10 to the escape DC. The DC to escape these restraints is equal to the concentration check made by the metal bender - 5. Depending on the restrain, the target will receive the following penalties until they have escaped it. ( non of these effect the escape artist skill. Blindfolded: target takes a – 12 to skills involving sight, -5 to hit, and is considered flat footed. Hands bound: target takes a – 10 to skills involving hands, -8 to hit, and can only make one non movement based action per turn. Feet bound: takes a – 15 to skills involving feet, they have to resist a trip attempt, and lose their ability to move more then 5ft per round.
2 Projectile Grapple: The metal bender and now make grapple attempts by launching restraints at their enemies. But instead of a grapple role it will be a concentration check -5. If the grapple is won, the same concentration check becomes the dc to break/ escape the restraints. These projectiles have a range of 10ft + 5ft per wisdom modifier.
3 Armour Control: The metal bender gains a once per day power that allows him to launch all of their armour at an enemy or ally and capture them within it. The captive, friend or foe receives the full armour bonus (enhancements and all) to their AC. The metal bender will make a concentration check what over powers the captives opposed grabble check. If the metal bender is successful they can control the armour and the captive inside for 1+wis modifier rounds. The captive can make escape artist check each round, the DC for this is the metal benders initial concentration check – 5 for each round the captive have been inside the armour. The metal bender can choose to return their armour to them at any time. Note that the metal bender will not have an armour bonus to their AC while projecting their armour onto someone else.

Movement: Movement focused metal benders manipulate metal to increase they manoeuvrability. With this every perk they get in this category gives them a – 1 to their armour check penalty and a + 5 to their speed. This is due to the unique bending style that bends their armour to make bigger steps and longer strides then would otherwise be possible.
1 Metal Whips: A metal bender gains the ability to manipulate metal cables and use them like whips but with improved accuracy and skill. The metal whips are treated like a heavy whip for damage but instead of adding their strength modifier for damage they use their wisdom modifier. The whips are created by a process of interweaving thin wire, twisting it, and then metal bending it together so that it is very resilient and strong. This process takes 1 hour per foot of wire and costs 20g per foot. The whips can also be used as rope and cable. It has a hardness of 15 and 10hp. The bender can substitute a use rope check with a concentration check when handling this cable. Alternatively if they also have the projectile grapple feat, they are able to grapple a target with an added +5 bonus to the attempt with the whips.
2 Sling Shot: A metal bender gains the ability to dual wield whips with only a -2 penalty to the off hand. They also learn how to use their whips as a sling shot. After successfully latching on to something they can use they whips to fling them in any direction based on the length of their whips (10ft per 5ft of cable). Doing this takes a full action. Alternatively if they also have the projectile grapple feat, they are able to grapple a target with an added +5 bonus to the attempt with the whips. A metal bender who also has the projectile grapple feat can throw a target if they make a successful grapple attempt. The metal bender will use their wisdom modifier instead of strength to see how far they can throw the target. This is based on weight and is calculated the same way as push and pull are done.
3 Quickstep/ rush strike: A metal bender gains a once per day power that allows them to metal bend their armour to greatly enhance their speed and manageability temporarily. While this is in effect the metal bender will gain + 20 to their speed, + 10 to climb and jump and +5 to tumble. This affect lasts 1 hour per wisdom modifier. While in combat a metal bender gains a +10 on any bull rush, charge and overrun attempts. The metal bender also can use a rush strike on the first attack made while approaching a target from at least 20ft. A successful rush strike doubles the damage dealt. The player must state at the beginning of the attack that they are making a rush strike.

Special: Special focused metal benders focus on the art of metal bending, testing its limits. For every perk in this category a metal bender learns how to bend a metal they normally could not before. This might be a non ferro-metal like copper or gold, or they can choose a magic metal like cold iron or mithral.
1 Heat: The metal bender learns to manipulate the magnetic forces to create friction in the metal that heats it red hot (1d4), orange (1d6), yellow (1d8), white (1d10), and eventually molten which becomes unusable unless they have the liquid metal perk. Each stage takes a round of intense concentration to successfully apply. DC 20 concentration check for red hot + 3 for each additional stage past red. If using heated metal in an attack the metal bender adds an increasing damage per level of heat increase. The heated metal lasts for wis modifier + level of heat rounds, and looses one level of heat per round after the count of wisdom modifier is passed. Heating metal can lower the metals durability if the metal bender choices ( the metal bender can force the metal to maintain its strength and shape with a concentration role no matter the heat level except for molten. The dc for this is 13 for red hot + 3 for level above that.
2 Liquid Metal: The metal bender gains the unique ability to control liquid metal. Being able to change its density, allowing it to go from a liquid to a solid. Any action that is done with this metal must succeed a concentration check first. A metal bender can make any attack with this metal. Firing it as projectiles, hardening it to a blade and slashing. But no matter the category of weapon, the metal bender will add their wisdom modifier to hit and to damage. The metal bender can also use this perk in conjunction with perks for other categories, such as instant ammo and magnetic bonds.
3 Magnetic Field: A metal bender gains a once per day power that after a concentration check of at least 10 they create a powerful magnetic field. The metal chooses a point to be the epicentre of the field no more then 10 ft away from the metal bender. This magnetic field affects anything ferro metal in a 10 ft per wisdom modifier sphere. Anyone in the sphere susceptible must make a reflex save = to or higher then the metal benders concentration check or else they will be disarmed if they have a metal weapon, and or flung towards the metal benders focus point 1ft per amount the dc was failed. The metal bender can choose up to 3 people with in these field to either not affect (the DC will be lessoned by 10 for them) or to affect more ( the dc will be increased by 10 for them). For each person the metal bender is targeting, the metal bender will loose 5 to their concentration check.

Defence: A metal bender who specializes in defence learns how to best utilize their armour for maximum protection. For each perk in this category a metal bender will receive a + 1 to their AC when wearing metal armour. When investing in a perk in this category the metal bender gains a spell like ability called Active defence. A metal bender can use this once per day/ level, and it lasts 1+ wisdom modifier /rounds during combat and 5+ wisdom modifier minutes out side of combat.
1 Fluid Armour: A metal bender learns how to reinforce and shift their armour on their body to optimize movement and defence while in active Defence. When this is in effect a metal benders armour is constantly shifting in subtle ways, the metal bender passively moves the armour around to benefit them. They receive a + 1 to AC and a -1 to armour check penalty while active defence is in effect.
2 Damage Reduction: A Metal bender learns to predict attacks and puts out a magnetic field disrupting the attacks. This bends and weakens the attacker’s weapon while in this magnetic field. By doing this the metal bender gains a permanent DR5/metalweapons.
3 Impenetrable: The metal bender gains a once per day ability that allows them to instantly bend all their armour to create a protective barrier in a 10 ft radios’. Anyone in the barrier can not receive damage from physical attacks. The metal bender is able to maintain this barrier for the amount of turns = to their wisdom modifier + 3. While the barrier is in effect, the metal bender must succeed a concentration check with a dc of 15+ armour bonus to keep the barrier up. The barrier its self has an HP of 10x armour bonus + wisdom modifier and regenerates the metal benders wisdom modifier each turn. The barrier has an AC of 10 + armour bonus. If the barrier is destroyed the metal bender will have their armour re equipped instantly but will suffer – 2 to their AC till the armour is repaired.

Attack: An attack focused metal bender utilizes their metal bending to deliver bigger and harder hits. With each perk in this category the metal bender will receives a+ 1 to damage while using a metal weapon.
1 Combat bending: A metal bender specializing in attack gains a +2 to hit when using metal weapons as they learn to bend their weapon so that their attacks place better. In addition to the improved hit a metal bender can also choose a fighter bonus feat.
2 Enlarge Weapon: A metal bender gains the ability to use a weapon one size category larger. As well as the ability to weapon shift a weapon one size category larger. Ie, medium to large. To make this shift the metal bender has to make the same weapon smiting check DC as a normal shift, but with the dc increase do to the size.
3 Big Hit: A metal bender gains a once per day ability that guaranties them a critical hit. By focusing their bending abilities they send out a magnetic blast that opens up their targets defences, while simultaneously preparing for an attack. This big hit, stacks with power attack, and other damage altering feats and abilities such as enlarge weapon. Unlike other third perk abilities no concentration check is needed to use this ability.

Comfortable Fit: As a metal bender uses their armour they become more comfortable with it, they receive one less armour check penalty and one more available Dex bonus for the armour.

Armour Weapon: At lvl 9 a metal bender is able to quickly shift their armour into a weapon. Usually a bracer or gauntlet, the metal bender can make a 1d8 damage weapon that is piercing, slashing or blunt. If the metal bender decides to detach the weapon they receive a – 1 Ac penalty per size category above small. If they wish to shift their weapon type the same rules apply as they would to weapon shift except they get a +2 to the weapon smithing check.

Constant Bending: A naturally gifted metal bender (wis score of 18) will often keep their familiar metal hovering above them. They use this to practice with, often bending and crushing this metal outside of combat. Although they do not need to do a physical concentration check, it is treated as if they are always concentrating on levitating this metal to hone their skills. A benefit to keeping their familiar metal constantly above them means that it is super accessible when needed. Giving them a + 2 in situations that would require the use of the metal.

Perfect Fit: As an upgrade to comfortable fit, a metal bender now receives 2 less armour check penalty and 2 more available Dex bonus for the armour.

Magnetic Grip: A metal Bender gains a +5 on opposing disarms and sunder attempts.

Metal Quick Don: A metal bender gains the ability to use their metal bender to quickly don and take off their armour. This ability reduces the time it takes to equip or unequipped metal armour to 1 round

Levitate: At 20th lvl a metal bender gains the ability to levitate and fly by lifting themselves up by their armour. This ability can only be used once per day and must succeed a DC 20 concentration check. If they are successful they can fly and levitate for 1 min per wisdom modifier. This ability can not be used unless they are wearing metal armour.

Note: Metal bending abilities can be cancelled by non ferro metals. For example a special pair of copper or bronze metal handcuffs that pierce the metal benders wrists will render their metal bending useless.

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