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Note: this primal elemental uses these traits, rather than those of the Epic Level Handbook.


Primal Neutronium Elemental
Size/Type: Macro-Medium Elemental (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 1280d1000+252,160+85,760x24 x24 (86,169,600 hp); 172,339,200 hp in the paraelemental plane of metal
Initiative: +320 (+245 Dex, +67 elemental mastery, +8 Superior Initiative), always first
Speed: 1,125,000', fly 6,750,000' (perfect)
Armor Class: 2591 (-512 size, +245 Dex, +320 deflection, +1 dodge, +67 elemental mastery, +2460 natural), touch 131, flat-footed - (7th Sense); see Lightning Bane
Base Attack/Grapple: +960/+1395
Attack: Slam +5023 melee (650,013/18-20/x3 [norm 6,490d100+1013]); see Lightning Bane
Full Attack: 15 slams and 4 kicks +830 melee (2010d10+231) and 4 wings +830 melee (1910d10+231)
Space/Reach: 3,075'/4,605'
Special Attacks: Augmented critical, crushing fists, divine sonic, enhanced fists +320, heavy (1,105,920' tornado+x15), lightning bane, pounce, scream, metal mastery +134
Special Qualities: Blindsight 150,000' (only in plane of metal), damage reduction 29520/-, darkvision 640,000', fast healing 25,000 (150,000 on the paraelemental plane of metal), neutronium healing, neutronium toughness, primal elemental traits, spell resistance 1357, +37 virtual size categories
Saves: Fort +1617, Ref +739, Will +834; see Lightning Bane
Abilities: Str 666/+328, Dex 500/+245, Con 404/+197, Int 240/+115, Wis 250/+120, Cha 314/+152
Skills: Omnicompetent -- all skills 1,350 plus key ability modifier
Skill Tricks: Acrobatic Backstab, Back on Your Feet, Clarity of Vision, Nimble Stand, Slipping Past, Spot the Weak Point, Twisted Charge
Feats: Alertness, Blind-FightB, Combat Expertise, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Hold The Line, Improved Natural Attack, Improved Trip, Mage-Slayer, Pierce Magical Concealment, Pierce Magical Protection, Power Attack, Robilar's Gambit, Run
Epic Feats: Blinding Speed, Epic Skill Focus (Jump), Epic Speed, Epic WillB, Expert Strike, Great Leap Attack, Greater Critical (Slam), Greater Natural Attack (Slam), Greater Power Attack, Legendary Leaper, Legendary Runner, Light Eradication, Perfect Cleave, Sixth Sense, Superior Cleave, Superior Initiative
Divine Abilities: Abnormality (Extra Arms) (x6), Abnormality (Extra Legs) (x2), Abnormality (Wings) (x2), Bludgeoning DebasementB, Eternal Freedom, Perfect Weapon Specialization (Slam)B, Perfect Natural Attack, Perfect Wind Blood, Quickness, Riotous Fortitude, Self-HypnosisB, Seventh Sense, Superior Natural Attack, True SeeingB, True Strike (Slam)B
Cosmic Abilities: Excellent Fortitude, Hyperform Natural Attack, Legendary Dexterity, Supersonic, Unearthly Natural Attack, Unearthly Runner, Unearthly Weapon Specialization (Slam)B
Transcendental Abilities: Invincibility, Multiversal Natural Attack (Slam), Ultimate Weapon Specialization (Slam)B
Environment: Paraelemental Plane of Metal
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 448*
Treasure: None
Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral
Advancement: 1281-2559 (Macro-Medium), 2560-5119 (Macro-Large), 5120-10,239 (Macro-Huge), 10,240+ (Macro-Gargantuan)

* supposed to be 673, but it was reduced by 1/3 as it wasn't that powerful.

The only humanoid creature whose lack of head is literally in the clouds stands before you. Its surface is a smooth (so smooth it almost appears to be water), non-reflective dark grey with outlines of silvery-grey evenly outlining its muscular humanoid features. It has more than a dozen arms ending in massive hands going down its sides, the lowermost ones sprouting from either of its hips. It is almost centauroid in shape, with four extra legs extending behind its front legs, and it has four wings spreading from horizon to horizon, turning the day to evening.

As these primal metal elementals are made of neutronium, a material ten-trillion times heavier than steel, they are perhaps the greatest of all pure elemental beings. When on the Material Plane, they prefer to dwell in the hearts of small, compact suns whose gravitational pull is so great that to escape it one must move at one-third the speed of the suns own rays. They do this as they find the extreme weight comfortable. Their personal divine power eclipses that of even first ones; as such, they rarely find anything within a multiverse to challenge them aside from nehascimic dragons. Thus, they try to find ways to escape reality and enter the higher dimensions to look for a scrap.

A primal neutronium elemental is 4,608' tall and weighs too much. (5173620000000000000000000000 pounds; that's more than 10 times the weight of Earth)


The primal neutronium elemental charges along the ground at around three-quarters of a million miles per hour, or over four-and-a-half million mph while flying. Its full flight speed is over 72 times the speed of light, or 22 parsecs per hour.

It has 14 arms. Their combined Strength is as above, but each individual arm is treated as having a Strength score of 636.

67 times a day, a primal neutronium elemental becomes completely immune to single sources of damage well over a million-and-a-half hit points.

Its natural attacks are treated as adamantine and divine (stage I demiurge) for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, and its natural attacks ignore up to 1,500 points of damage reduction and hardness.


Augmented Critical (Ex): The slams of a primal neutronium elemental threatens a critical hit on a roll of 18-20, doing triple damage on a successful critical hit (but see Superior Critical). Against lightning/electricity creatures, objects, and effects (see Lightning Bane), it's 6-20/x5.
Crushing Fists (Ex): The slams of a primal neutronium elemental use one-and-a-half times their Strength modifier in bonus damage. Furthermore, for the purpose of Power Attack, their slams are treated as two-handed weapons.
Divine Sonic (Su): All sonic damage from a primal neutronium elemental is half divine damage and thus ignores sonic resistance and immunity.
Enhanced Fists (Su): The slams of a primal neutronium elemental are magically enhanced, gaining a +320 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
Heavy (Su): Refer to main page.
Lightning Bane (Su): Primal neutronium elementals gain a +134 bonus to: Bluff, Intimidate, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks, +268 to attack rolls, +402 to weapon damage rolls, and its slams threaten a crit on a 15-20, doing x5 on a successful crit, against creatures native to the paraelemental plane of lightning or are strongly electric-themed (e.g. storm elementals) and against effects with the electricity descriptor (if capable) and related objects, such as a magic weapon crafted with a spell with the electricity descriptor. They also gain a +134 bonus to AC and/or saving throws (wherever applicable) when attacked or affected by the above.
While on the paraelemental plane of lightning, the numeric bonuses are halved (+67/+134/+201), but while on the paraelemental plane of metal, the numeric bonuses are one-and-a-halved (+57/+114/+171).
Pounce (Ex): If the primal neutronium elemental charges, it can follow up with a full attack.
Scream (Ex): As a free action once per round, a primal neutronium elemental can shout as a 50,000'-cone breath weapon. Creatures in the area take 640d100 divine damage (1280d100 sonic per HD vs exposed brittle or crystalline object or crystalline creature) and are permanently deafened unless they make a DC 310 Fort save (which halves the damage and creatures are deafened for 1 hour). This is a sonic effect. DC is Con-based.
Furthermore, any creature in a 300,000'-radius of the primal neutronium elemental must make a DC 223 Will save or be cower for 8d8 rounds (instead frightened for 4d8 rounds on a successful save). This is a fear effect. DC is Cha-based. Creatures who fail the Fort save vs sonic/deafness take a -38 circumstance penalty on this save vs fear.
Metal Mastery (Ex): +134 to attack rolls against foes with metal armor or are made of metal, and foes take a -134 penalty on attack rolls with a metal weapon or appendage. Against attacks that would heal it (see Steel Healing, below), the penalty is instead a +134 bonus.


Elemental Mastery Bonus (Ex): Primal neutronium elementals are effectively stage I demiurges (divine rank 67) of an elemental nature, and as such add a +67 elemental mastery bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); hit points per hit die; initiative; saving throws; spell resistance; and weapon damage rolls. As a demiurge, they are unaffected by all antimagic effects.
Neutronium Healing (Su): So aeonically attuned with its element is the primal neutronium elemental that anything made of metal that would deal it damage instead heals it for 2 points for every point of damage it would otherwise inflict (as if it had no damage reduction). Sufficiently rare metals (such as neutronium, but not orichalcum) deal damage normally (reduced by its damage reduction, as normal). The primal elemental cannot heal itself or other metal elementals with this ability in this manner.
Neutronium Toughness (Ex): This primal metal elemental is made of a material ten-trillion times heavier than steel. It uses d1000's for hit dice and has maximum hit points per hit die. It also gains 1500/- damage reduction, which stacks with other forms of impenetrable damage reduction (overlaps others).


Divine Abilities: Explained here, here, or here.
Feats: Explained on the main metal elemental page if not in the SRD.
Cosmic Firmament Modifier: 24. For the primal neutronium elemental, it multiplies: elemental mastery bonus to hit points per hit die, maximum hit points, damage reduction (half CFM), and ranges of Heavy and Scream.
Skill Tricks: Explained on the main metal elemental page.

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