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Mercurial Weapons[edit]

"Hitting monsters is good, hitting monsters harder is better!"

These blades hide a secret reservoir of quicksilver (also called mercury by alchemists) that runs along the interior of the blade in a slender channel. When the blade is vertical, the mercury swiftly fills an interior bulb in the haft, but when swung, the heavy liquid flows out into the blade, making it heavier. This effect increases the Critical Multiplier by +2. Due to its design, only long straight bladed weapons can be made in this fashion.

Mercurial weapons are always classified as Exotic Weapons. In non-proficient hands, this shifting mass penalizes the wielder by an additional -2 penalty on attack rolls, beyond the normal -4 non-proficient penalty for using an exotic weapon untrained.

Due to the complex design of the weapon type and the dangers of mercury, its DC to make is increase by +5. All Mercurial Weapons are of masterwork quality and cost an additional +300gp.

Mercurial Weapons have the same hit points per inch of thickness and hardness as its base weapon. Also this type of weapon can be made of any metallic material it could normally be made of.

Stats for Medium Sized Masterwork Mercurial Weapons

Type of Mercurial Weapon Unenchanted Item Cost Damage Threat Range Original Crit. Multiplier New Crit. Multiplier
Longsword 625 gp 1d8 19-20 x2 x4
Greatsword 650 gp 2d6 19-20 x2 x4
Bastard Sword 635 gp 1d10 19-20 x2 x4

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