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-The Mercenary Companies-


The first mercenary companies were formed by the Grand Dukes of Falle. The Grand Duke's constant bickering and infighting was sapping their economies dry, as well as their manpower. The solution was hit upon by a minor Cardinian noble named Vreen. He trained 400 men and traveled to the Duke of Pythia, where he offered his services to the struggling Duke. Vreen's forces mounted a crushing offensive against the Duke's enemies, and before Vreen's forces were even finished the campaign, another offer came in for their services. And then another. Vreen founded two more companies, during which time the King of Falle issued a decree. Under royal law, anyone could hire a mercenary company for any reason, from caravan guarding to besieging whole cities. In return for their official recognition, the mercenaries agreed to abide by certain laws, not to ever take arms against the crown itself, and to not give preferential allegiance to any one Duke or ruler. Lands for headquarters and training grounds were bequeathed to the mercenaries from the crown itself. Similar arrangements were made in Cardinia, and even Duinseach, though the latter nation's stability has made it a poor customer for the mercenary companies.

The Vreen Accord[edit]

Most honorable free mercenary companies abide by this code. It says, in short that the companies will only fight each other under contract. Assassination, torture, and wide-scale destruction of fallow lands are forbidden as tactics. Noncombatants are to be left alone, and captured or surrendered mercenary troops are to be treated honorably until ransomed.

Function and makeup:[edit]

Most Mercenary companies are run like an army, and are named after their commander. Ninety percent of the men are fighters of some sort or another, all trained in formation fighting. The remainder are usually a few clerics, wizards or sorcerers. The magic users are mostly used to counter and dispel enemy magical attacks; almost all of the actual fighting is non-magical physical combat. The overwhelming majority of Mercenaries are human, and half-humans make up the rest. A very few dwarves join, but halflings and gnomes are ill-suited for formation warfare.

Current Mercenary Companies in Elegy[edit]

This is a partial list, but encompasses the most well-known of the free companies.

Vreen, Leradi, and Striard These are the three mercenary companies founded by Vreen. They fight mostly in Falle, though they have taken contracts in Cardinia on occasion.

Zedios, Syneod, Throcos, Agearde The Cardinian-based mercenaries. The companies under command of Zedios are currently under contract with the crown and are fighting on the dark isle.

Kolror, Sylrithin The two primary mercenary Companies in Duinseach. They have not hired outside their own borders in years. These are also the only mercenary companies to have pure-blooded elves in their ranks.

Non-Vreen Companies[edit]

Many of these so-called mercenary companies are little better than well-organized gangs, often terrorizing villages, running protection rackets and suchlike. They are often put down once they become too oppressive, often by adventurers hired by local lords or magistrates. A very few have carved out small territories of their own.

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