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Mellow-leaf wine: It is the Mellow leaf wine that springs to mind whenever someone mentions "Sumtanian wine". It is strong, a bright blue, extremely fizzy and a potent counter venom. The Sumtanian elves do indeed create more of this wine than the others, selling for a very good price within their own nation. Outside of this territory it tends to get given as a gift or brought back by traders who where given a bottle as part of a deal. Connoisseurs confirm its value.

It costs 80gp for glass of this wine or 600gp for a bottle. The large elegantly blown bottles hold just under eight glasses worth. Each vinyard and year has its own distinct shape.

Those who drink the wine are provided with a +3 alchemical bonus on Fortitude Saves against poison for an hour. As such this wine can sometimes be found being served at the start of meals where the host is worried about poisoners.

When using these rules then it is treated as a 60 PR.

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