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Black skull shrouded with white mist

Domains: Winter, Wilderness, Strength
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Mekai, The Cold One, Wringer of Hope, is a cold, unloving diety who enjoys watching unbelievers be frozen on the icy tundra most of his worshippers call home. He is worshiped by the ruthless barbarians of the North, and the insane. His tenets are:

  • Death is everywhere; don't be afraid of it.
  • Destroy the weak so that only the strong survive.
  • Deface all other dieties so that the Cold One may rule single-handedly.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Mekai typically are initiated through a ritual known only by the highest priests in the hierarchy, which involves surviving on the tundra with little or nothing for at least three days. Then, the ones that survive begin extensive training in Mekai's version of the "history" of the world. After that, clerics begin as lowly page boys for higher clerics, slowly working their way up the ladder in the church to assistent of the head priest or maybe even becoming the head priest.

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