Medium Imbue (3.5e Spell)

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Medium Imbue
Level: Wit 3
Components: That of spell imbued.
Casting time: That of spell imbued.
Range: 10 ft
Target: The witch's brew stirred.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: That of spell imbued.
Spell Resistance: That of spell imbued.

Imbues a witchcrafted item with any 3rd level druid spell not directly castable by the witch, ie, imbues a salve, incense, wand, tonic or candle with Contagion, Cure Moderate Wounds, Greater Magic Fang, Meld into Stone, Neutralize Poison, Poison, Protection from Energy, Remove Disease, Speak with Plants or Water Breathing; or an incense or candle with Daylight, Diminish Plants, Dominate Animal, Plant Growth, Quench, Sleet Storm, Spike Growth or Wind Wall.

Material Component: Any components are that of the spell imbued, and must be added (at the rate of 50 times the spell requirement) to the brew.

Focus: Any foci are that of the spell imbued.

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