Mechanical buster sword (3.5e Equipment)

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Mechanica buster sword
Exotic Two-Handed
Critical: 18-20/x2
Range Increment:
Type: slashing
Hardness: 20
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * 1d6 * 2
Diminutive * 1d8 * 5
Tiny * 1d10 * 10
Small 700gp 2d6 40 lb 20
Medium 700gp 2d8 80 lb 40
Large 1000gp 3d8 150 lb 80
Huge 1400gp 4d8 270 lb 160
Gargantuan 1900gp 6d8 * 320
Colossal * 8d8 * 640
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

A buster sword with mechanical parts that with the right materials can ignite it. The sword can be charged kinetically as a movement action rubbing the mechanical plates with each other. When in this state the sword can be ignited for 1d4 rounds for every charge obtained. The charges are dispersed every 5 rounds and after the ignition, all the charges are used. Charging it again while ignited prolongues the rounds by 1d2 turns. The sword can't be ignited if the fuel is missing inside of the handle. You can insert or replace the fuel as a movement action. The maximum capacity is of 0.5 gallons increasing by 0.10 for every size difference. 0.1 gallons are automatically used every 5 turns it burns. When ignited the sword inflicts an additional 6d6 increasing by one d6 every size larger than medium and vice versa subtracting 1d6 every size smaller as fire damage and it can inflict burn. It also can inflict burn if the blade is touched by the user while ignited. Fuel can be anything that's ignitable and can be inserted in the handle. While using this weapon you gain -3 to the bonus you would normally get to AC from DEX, this is caused by the incredible weight and lenght of the blade. You can use this weapon to try and block an attack you are receiving and are aware of, this gives you a +5 bonus to ac as deflect bonus, if the attack is succesfull your sword takes 1/4 of the damage you would take and you receive the rest, no matter if the attack is succesfull or not the sword gain a charge

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