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Materializing: A weapon is such a hassle to draw, stow, and hide. This enhancement allows the wielder to keep his weapon ready to draw in an instant. You can draw your weapon, attack, and then stow your weapon once more all as a standard action. The weapon is made to be bound to another object, of any kind that takes up a space on the body(includes armor, ring, amulet, belt, glove, etc., even a sheild or different drawn weapon). Simply by wanting the weapon to appear it appears. If the object the weapon is bound to is destroyed at any time, the weapon is destoryed. While dematerialized the weapon can not be found by any means other than magic. This enhancment cannot be placed on thrown weapons, if a materilialized weapon's grip is released it disappears.

Faint Transmutation;CL 3th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Blink; Market Price: +1 bonus.

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