Master of Ki Manipulation (3.5e Feat)

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Master of Ki Manipulation [Ki Manipulation]

Your Mastery of Ki Manipulation has unlocked new hardly heard of abilities.
Prerequisite: Wis 17 or Cha 17, 3 Ki Manipulation Feats
Benefit: You may use the following abilities.

Inertial Armor: As a swift action you may spend 4 Ki Points to gain a +4 Ki Bonus to Armor.

Inertial Strike: As a swift action you may pay up to 5 Ki Points to gain a +1 Ki Bonus to attack and damage rolls. This is bought on a point for point scale.
Special: You may also recover 2 Ki Points when meditating for an hour instead of the normal 1. This stack with the Deep Meditation ability of the Adept base class.

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