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Master Sword[edit]

Also known as "The Blade of Evil's Bane", this ancient fey sword was created long ago as an insurance against the possibility of an evil-hearted individual gaining control of divine powers that no mortal could otherwise hope to counter. It is said that evil can never touch this sacred blade, and the sword itself will only accept the purest and most courageous of heroes as its true master.

To anyone other than this chosen hero, the Master Sword appears as a +1 cold iron longsword with a largely flat blade and a blue, gem-encrusted hilt. Any Evil-aligned character who attempts to wield the Master Sword immediately gains three negative levels, which can never be removed by any means until the sword is dropped. It is only to the one individual the Master Sword accepts as its hero that it reveals its full array of powers.

Special Wielder Prerequisites[edit]

The Master Sword gives command of its full array of powers to the chosen hero. The sword's true master is the first person to pick it up who meets all of the following requirements:

  • Must be Good-aligned.
  • Must have earned the favor of at least one Good-aligned deity.
  • Must have at least six total character levels.
  • May not have committed any acts which would violate a Paladin's Code of Conduct, regardless of whether the aspiring weilder has levels in the Paladin class or not. A character who has committed such acts in the past may regain eligibility to become the chosen hero if he or she atones for those acts.
  • Must have willingly placed one's own life at risk solely for the protection or benefit of others.
  • Must have defeated an Evil-aligned creature of at least 15 HD in battle without resorting to any dishonorable tactics.
  • Must have shown mercy to a retreating, cowering, or surrendering opponent.

If all of these conditions have been achieved, the character may grasp the Master Sword and unlock its true powers.

Full Powers[edit]

These powers are available only to a character who meets the above prerequisites and conditions.

  • Cold iron longsword with an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4th the wielder's character level, rounded down (so a 20th-level wielder could use it as a +5 cold iron longsword)
  • Holy (DMG page 225) and Holy Surge (MiC page 36)
  • Bane (Evil Outsiders)(DMG page 224) and Fiercebane (MiC page 35)
  • Ghost Touch (DMG page 224)
  • Blessed (BoED page 113)
  • The wielder benefits from SR 30 against any spells cast by Evil-aligned creatures, as well as any spells with the Evil descriptor regardless of caster.
  • Any time the Master Sword strikes a creature, object, or area that is under the effects of a spell cast by an Evil-aligned creature, or any spell with the Evil descriptor, all such spells are affected as if by a targeted greater dispel magic (caster level 20th).
  • By readying a standard action, the wielder can deflect any spell cast by an Evil-aligned creature, or any spell with the Evil descriptor, back at its caster (as if by the spell turning spell).
  • When at or above full normal HP, the wielder can fire a beam of force from the blade at will as a ranged touch attack taking a standard action. This beam can be fired a distance of up to 120 feet and deals 2d6 points of force damage.

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