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Master Inquisitor[edit]

Dungeons, Ancient Ruins and Civilizations are all components that tie to your greatest curiosities. Desperate to uncover the secrets of the universe, your life long developed skills have left you with many valuable qualities and traits. You are and always have been thirsty for lost knowledge, quality education or real life skills have never been your concerns. You delve into the ancient world alongside few or alone, throwing away everything a normal life could give for the lost truths of the universe.

Skill Proficiencies: History and Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: Cartographer's Tools

Languages: Choose one Exotic Language

Equipment: A Cartographer's Set, a set of tattered common clothes, An old cloak, a vast book containing your studies, a scroll case containing a map of your realm and a belt pouch containing 5gp

Area of Interest[edit]

What subjects of ancient history were you most fascinated by?

d6 Inquisitive Domain
1 Ancient Civilization
2 The Natural World
3 Other-realm Society
4 Mystic Presences
5 Lost Knowledge
6 Primal Architecture

Feature: Uncovered Secret[edit]

You have unearthed the path to an ancient and powerful secret. Your DM decides on a location containing a powerful and highly sought after Item, Piece of Knowledge, Being or other. You have Cryptic, semi-deciphered instructions on how to find it, but still a few more clues are required to fully understand where to find it.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

There are many ways to be as an Inquisitor, depending on your studies, where you are based and how frequently you make human contact can dictate how you behave. Many Master Inquisitors suffer from unusual flaws and are stimulated by peculiar drives, it makes them ever more interesting to play and serves to bring a much more unique experience to the world.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am in a suspended state of urgency, no matter how relaxed the conditions are.
2 I find it hard to trust anyone, bad past experiences brought me to exercise this tension.
3 I have extremely limited ability to outwardly express emotion.
4 I get twitchy and behave unusually when in a state of anticipation.
5 I find it hard being around others, a life of isolation has scarred me.
6 My lack of peer communication has left me with an extremely limited vocabulary.
7 A life of isolation was not something I wanted, I must stay close to others.
8 I feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in my inquisitive domain.
d6 Ideal
1 I will use my secrets to help the weak. (Good)
2 Excess on law is what brought down nations. (Chaotic)
3 Understanding comes from strict systematic procedures. (Lawful)
4 My discoveries will allow me rule over others. (Evil)
5 Knowledge is power. (Neutral)
6 The path I chose is rewarding and has gifted me with many skills. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 My documented knowledge is everything to me.
2 I discovered a perfect place and made it my domain, one day I will return there.
3 I nearly died trying to find some knowledge, I wish I knew who saved me so I could thank them.
4 My domain fascinates and captivates me, it's what drives me on.
5 My imaginary companion feels so real to me now, It's a part of me.
6 Similar to how one loves their home, I love the world.
d6 Flaw
1 I will do anything, absolutely anything for knowledge.
2 I have vivid nightmares about something I once uncovered.
3 My amnesia is driving me insane, I write down everything restlessly so I never forget it.
4 I have no social skills, I find it very hard to talk to others.
5 I have a hideous phobia that often gets in the way.
6 I am a keeper of vile lore, evil knowledge is still knowledge.

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