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Masque of the Blood Lord: Elegant yet simple and refined, this silver half-masque is heavily decorated with ebony and only covers the wearer’s eyes, cheeks, and nose. The eyes of the masque contain special white lenses that the wearer can see through, but others cannot.

In an age long since past, a great vampire lord sought to expand his already large amount of power. His name was Blood Lord Mu'Aden Ratashi Al-Shinaak. In life, he was a caring, benevolent ruler of a prosperous desert kingdom. His people enjoyed a wondrous peace during his reign. However, it did not last. A rival kingdom, who loved nothing but chaos and destruction, invaded. The battle was lost before it began, for Al-Shinaak's people were not fighters. Many were simple traders. In only a few short hours, his citizens were all but wiped out and his kingdom now belonged to another, yet he and a select few managed to escape. Beaten and broken, Al-Shinaak wandered the desert with the remainder of his people in search off a way to reclaim their home. Finally, after days of searching, they stumbled across a cave in the middle of nowhere. Inside, they heard what they believed to be the voice of their deity. It said that if they agreed to pay the price, it would grant them the power they sought. Seeing no other option, they agreed and true to its word, the god granted them power and what at first seemed like a blessing, soon turned out to be a terrible curse. For the god that spoke to Al-Shinaak was not his god, but rather the God of death, Nerull. Nerull had spoken truth, his "gift" would help them reclaim their home, but the cost was their humanity. Every survivor was cursed with vampirism and Al-Shinaak became a vampire lord. With their new dark gifts, he and his followers waged a bloody war in hopes of taking back their land. Their enemy stood no chance and everyone that fell to Al-Shinaak arose as his undead slave. From that moment on, Al-Shinaak was known as the Blood Lord.
Strong enchantment, and necromancy; CL 20;

Regalia of the Blood Lord:
Masque of the Blood Lord Night Striker's Gloves Eye of the Jackal The Amulet of the Dragon Night Ruler's Choker Blood Lord's Tunic Royal Aknari Breastplate Ashworm Belt Sash of Shadows Infernal Bracer Durendel's Judgment Crown of the Blood Lord Night Prowler's Boots Silver Serpent Ring Blood Lord's Grimoire

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