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Mask of the Shattered: A flawlessly smooth mask, lacking in any form of face, even lacking eyes. The beautiful surface shines like a mirror, yet it casts no reflection.

How the Mask was created has been lost in time, though it first arises in history under the guise of "The Masked King." Who this king was has been long forgotten, though his legacy has been told to be that of a dark one, executing thousands of his enemies and citizens alike. After the King is slain, the Mask faids out of history once again, resurfacing only occasionally as a legendary artifact. As time passes, it is rumored to fall into the hands of those with enough will to wield it. Of course, sometimes they fail...

Upon finding the Mask, it appears as a perfectly smooth mask, with no features whatsoever. Should anyone place the mask upon their face, the Mask appears to melt into the skin of the user around the edges. It can still be removed with no harmful effects, though there is an odd peeling noise as it is removed. Once worn, it adjusts its form slightly to slightly resemble the outline of the wearer, doming inward slightly at the eyes and carving out slightly at the nose, as well as other minor adjustments. These disappear when the Mask is removed. Characters with odd faces may still be able to wear the mask, but some creatures will be simply incapable of wearing the mask. The mask will adjust up to the size of Large and down to the size of Small.

While wearing the Mask, it feels weightless, although it affects actual weight normally. After the Mask has been worn for 1 hour, the wearer must make a Will Save (DC 10). Nothing happens immediately, even if the save is failed. 12 hours after the first save, the wearer must make another Will Save (DC 15). If you failed the first save, this occurs only an hour after with a DC 20. If you fail this save, the mask cracks once around one eye. From this point on, this save must be made every 24 hours, or at least once a day, at DC 20, increasing by 1 for each successful save, stopping at DC 65. Should you fail any one of these checks, the DC drops by 5, though never lower than 20, and another crack forms. Once 5 cracks form, the Mask can no longer be removed physically. After 10 cracks have appeared, it cannot be removed by mortal means. After 20 cracks have appeared, the Mask can only be removed after the wearer's death. After 30 cracks have appeared, the Mask controls the wearer even after death (See "Mind, Body, Soul").

Nutshell: First Check, Will DC 10; Second Check, Will DC 15/Will DC 20; Checks After, DC 20 +1/Successful Saves, Max DC 65. Save failure, DC -5, Crack appears. 5 cracks, bad; 10 cracks, worse.

NOTE: The wearer of the Mask can use Wisdom, Charisma, or Constitution bonuses for a Mask Will Save. Bonuses granted by the Mask do not apply to checks required by the Mask.

The Mask has the following effects on anyone who wears it: Blindsight 600 ft; Blindsense 60 ft; +2 to Non-Mask Saves; +.5/Level to Attack Rolls 5 lbs, Heavy Armor*, AC 5

Once cracks begin to appear, the Mask gives additional effects for each crack that has formed: With 1 Crack: -1/Crack to Diplomacy (Max 10), +1/Crack to Charisma-related Checks (Except Diplomacy, Max 10).

With 5 Cracks: -1/Level to HP, +1/Crack to Wisdom-related Checks (Max 10). The wearer begins to hear a soft whisper in the back of their mind, unintelligible and distant.

With 10 Cracks: The voice is now an audible whisper. At key points in time, such as important decisions, the whisper suggests quietly towards the darker path. This can be resisted with a Will Save (DC 10). Failure places the wearer in favor of the darker choice, no matter what their previous ideal, although they may be hesitant towards their decision. The whisper does not affect the wearer's Alignment. This whisper cannot be dispelled except by removing the mask.

With 15 Cracks: The whisper's save is now DC 20. It now whispers at other points in time, such as at minor decisions. The Mask begins to affect the wearer's Alignment slightly

With 20 Cracks: +.5/Crack to Damage Reduction/Good (X/Good, X being .5/Crack) The whisper's save is now DC 30. It now whispers even at seemingly meaningless decisions, ever urging the wearer onto the darker path. The wearer now begins to feel as though their soul is being torn in two, experiencing nightmares, extreme irritability, and slight insanity. The wearer's Alignment is becoming slowly corrupt.

With 25 Cracks: At this point, the whisper has practically replaced the wearer's very conscious, pushing their actions on towards dark ideals constantly, even urging them to kill their companions. Minor decisions can no longer be saved against, major decisions require a Will Save (DC 40). The wearer's very flesh begins to turn on itself now, muscles straining and veins bulging constantly, creating a very gruesome and grotesque image of a creature.

With 30+ Cracks: The Mask now controls the wearer's mind, body, and soul. At this stage, the Mask commands the wearer to its bidding in a cold, cutting voice. When the wearer makes their daily save, if they succeed, they can actively attempt to resist the Mask, requiring a Will Save (DC 70) hourly to maintain resistance. Major decisions require a Will Save (DC 50) to avoid falling under the Mask's control. If you fail this save, you fall under the Mask's control again until your hourly save.

At this stage, the appearance of the Mask has changed somewhat. The domed eyes are now black pits, with cracks cast across the face of the Mask like shattered glass. They appear to have a dark mist seeping from them slowly, as though the very soul of the Mask is leaking through.

If the wearer of the Mask is fully subjected to its will (30+ Cracks have formed), then they gain the following stats from the Mask: All AC is doubled; The Mask's Damage Reduction effect is now X/-, X being .5/Crack. Any damage higher than 30 that is reduced by this is reduced to a minimum of 1; If the wearer attempts a Diplomacy check, the final result is halved (After modifications); Gaze into the Depths: If a creature with HD less than the number of cracks formed in the Mask looks at the wearer's face, or at the Mask, as a free action the wearer (or the Mask) can force the creature to make a Will or Fortitude Save (Creature's choice, DC as the number of cracks formed). If they fail, the creature is frozen in fear and agony; Offer your Soul: This ability can only be used on creatures affected by "Gaze into the Depths." The wearer can attempt to rip the very soul from the being, dissolving the creature's physical body into ash and dust. This requires a Strength Check (DC 10 + Creature's Level + Creature's Fortitude Mind, Body, Soul: This ability can only be activated by the Mask itself. If the wearer's HP drops below 0, if they fall unconscious, the Mask takes direct control of the wearer, controlling them directly. If the wearer dies, the Mask can take control of the wearer's now deceased body if it isn't removed, but it must do so within 1 hour of the wearer's death. If it does take control, the Mask gains all of the wearer's stats and abilities, along with its own bonuses, and regains half of the wearer's HP. If it does not assume control of the wearer within an hour, the cracks fade and the Mask returns to its inactive state, appearing completely smooth again. If the wearer is resurrected while the Mask is still in place, the Mask fuses itself with the wearer's returning soul, becoming a permanent piece of their soul. At this stage, the Mask and the wearer are one entity, being of one mind. At this time, unless the wearer was an uncannily good person, the Mask usually holds the most sway. If the wearer is slain in this state, the soul(s) return to the Mask, sealed into darkness until another wields them.
Strong AllSchools; CL 90;

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