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The Mask of Madness

Aura: Emits a very strong aura of chaos, though it does not affect other players, NPCs or creatures.

Weight: 1 Lbs

Description: The mask is a wooden mask with two simple carved out holes for eyes and a mouth. The mask to most people is simply thus, a wooden mask with two differing colors on each side. However, to anyone able to use arcane magic, it is a twisting nether that has attached itself to the face of the user. Where the eyes would poke through only two brightly glowing dots take its place, as the face is completely concealed.

The mask was created by the God Azathoth in the chaos realm, it was not made for any specific purpose or with any thought put into it. No one currently owns the Mask, and supposedly it has been lost to human history. Very few people know of it's existence other than a few of the higher clergymen on Baccob. The mask can only be destroyed by the one who made it or a being of equal power, only a very few of the gods have the power to completely erase the existence of the mask, one of them being Baccob, god of Magic. The mask is all powerful, but the gods continually search for it, specifically Baccob. Whenever the magic of the mask reveals itself by affecting reality, Baccob gets closer to tracking down the mask. His agent, Zagyg, will attempt to retrieve the mask after confirming it's location.

When a PC or NPC puts on the mask, they must roll a will save with a DC of 10. If they succeed, each time the player sleeps or 24 hours pass, the player must make another will save with a DC of 10 + X (X = the number of times 24 hours have past/how many times they have slept). If they fail any one of these saves they must change their alignment to that of Chaotic Neutral. Once the PC or NPC makes the check, the person is no longer considered mortal. They are to add ten racial hit dice of Outsider and is considered an outsider until it dies, it can be revived if killed but will revert to its form before it put on the mask. The player is also considered Immune to Aging and 5/lawful damage resistance. They also gain a 15 spell resistance, this spell resistance bonus does not stack with anything and the bonus is equal to which ever total is higher.

Create/Destroy: The player/NPC gains the ability to create or destroy anything he desires that is of lesser power than itself. Any target can make an epic Fortitude check of 40 to resist being erased.

Mimic Spell: The User can recreate any spell of 20th level or bellow. The user is considered to have all meta magic feats for this purpose.

Sanity Drain: Each day, the user must roll a Will save of 20, if failed, the player will be considered an NPC for 1 hour and will be considered Chaotic Evil for that time.

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