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Martial Cadence[edit]

The Character gains a damage multiplier while attacking the same enemy
Prerequisite: Power Attack, Base Attack Bonus +4
Benefit: While attacking an enemy you let your momentum carry your blows drastically increasing their power. For each consecutive strike you hit you gain a multiplier (x1 on the first hit, x2 on the second hit, x3 on the third and so on) until the end of turn. This bonus stacks also on Attacks of opportunity. If your momentum is interrupted (you are no longe able to move freely, you are stunned or you miss an hit) the multiplier is resetted.

You must use a meele attack to use the benefit of this feat. If you are wielding more than one weapon (or using unarmed strike) each hand use its own multiplier.

The bonus does not stack on Two-Weapon Rend.
Special: A fighter may select Cleave as one of his fighter bonus feats (see page 38 of the Player's Handbook).

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