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Martial Artist Master[edit]

These monks have trained there mind body and soul for the use of defending one self and defending others. Many monks take on this practice but few attempt to become master and experts in such ways leaning for more spiritual and combative way of fighting. Those who train in these art learn that they to have such gifts as those who left but decided to forsake the more violent ways of practice for more practical approach.

Art Of Ki[edit]

At 3rd level, upon taking up this monastic tradition you gain the following.

  • You gain proficiency in athletics and acrobatics. If you were already proficient with these 2 skills, then you add double your proficiency modifier to these skills.
  • You gain proficiency in any 2 tools or musical instrument in any combination of your choice.
  • You may spend 1 ki point to re-roll any check using any tool or instrument you are proficient in using either result.
  • Your unarmed strikes now deal double damage to objects and structures.

One With The Mind And Body[edit]

Also, at 3rd level you have learned of a new way defend yourself.

When you Take the Doge action either as an action or bonus action you gain a use of a special reaction you may once during each other creatures turn. When a creature with in 5ft of you attempts to attack you, you may use this special reaction reaction to make a contested grapple check against them on a success you take no damage as the attack misses you and you may either push them back 5ft or move them into a spot with in 5ft of you. A creature must also make a dexterity saving throw against you monk ki dc or be knocked prone. You may attempt to do this against the same creature or another in that turn by spending 1 additional ki point per attack made after the first one. If a creature passes the check they make the attack as they normally would have. if a creature passes the save they are moved but not knocked prone.

Martial Defense[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you gain the following properties:

  • You may now use your One With the Mind and Body Feature to defend an ally within 5ft of you.
  • You now have advantage on athletics and acrobatic rolls made using your One With the Mind and Body Feature.

One With The Spirits[edit]

Starting at 11th level you gain the following properties:

  • As an action you may spend any number of ki points up to your wisdom modifier to heal a creature you can touch for a number of d8s equal to the number of ki points spent adding your wisdom modifier to the total healing.
  • You may spend 2 ki points to cast lesser restoration on a single creature.
  • You may spend 5 ki points to cast greater restoration on a single creature.

Ki Master[edit]

Starting at 17th level, you gain the following abilities:

  • At the start of each of your turns you now regain 1d8 plus your constitution modifier in hit points back as long as you have 1 hit point and are below half your Max hit points.
  • Also when you use your One With The Mind and Body feature you may spend an additional ki point to stun that creature if it fails Constitution Saving Throw against your monk Ki DC and they are stunned until the end of your next turn. This may only be used if you succeed the check from your One With The Mind And Body feature.
  • You now no longer are required to spend an additional ki point for each attack beyond the first made during a single turn to use your One With The Mind And Body Feature.

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