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Marcos: The Eternal Painter[edit]

Marcos was a man who went insane trying to make the perfect painting. He gives binders the benefit of his artistry and finesse and allows you to project his obsession onto others.

Level: 2 Binding DC: 25 Special requirement: No (but see below)


Marcos was once a human, a famed painter for his country. His works were renowned all over as masterpieces and he was showered with riches. One day he was wandering the forest outside his property when he happened to see a dryad bathing herself in the river. He thought that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he could not come up with the courage to speak to her but instead went into his study thinking that if he made a painting as beautiful as she was, he could speak with her.

Unfortunately, this quest was not to bear fruit. Inspired by such beauty as he was, he could not judge any of his paintings to be even close to the fey he saw. In the span of a few weeks, he produced over one hundred paintings (all later to be declared some of his finest works) but he still could not judge any of them proper to display to her. His descent into madness was swift and brutal. He ended his own life by slitting his throat and letting the blood drip into his pot of paints. Rumor has it, that the dryad he saw collected this pot and stole his spirit away from the gods, hiding it from them until he produces the painting worthy of her beauty.


The symbol of Marcos seems to run as if it was wet paint. When it drips away a ghostly canvas seems to rise from where it was, a paintbrush paints an image of Marcos. Depending on his mood he may be painted as he was in life, as an abstract collection of shapes, as an animal, or any form suiting his mood. This painting animates and is how he communicates. He speaks with a soft almost unearthly tone and cries whenever he sees one of his old paintings or a fey of any kind (Though this has no affect on the binding process).

Special summoning[edit]

Marcos appreciates fine paint, if his symbol is painted with either finely crafted paint (Craft alchemy DC: 20) or Marvelous Pigments his binding DC is reduced by 2. This may be further increased by 3 (to a total of 5) if the binder makes a Craft Paint check (DC 15) to finely craft his symbol.


Your skin takes on the texture of old dry paint. Some may even flake off (though it vanishes 1 round later)


Marcos is obsessed with beauty. He demands that you take some time to marvel at the beautiful things around you. This sort of "Stop and smell the roses" mentality can be very annoying to a party in a hurry. As such you cannot make a forced march or take 2 run actions in a row while bound with him.

Granted abilities[edit]

Magic Appraisal[edit]

Can make Appraisal checks to determine the monetary value of a magical or psionic item. In addition a DC 25 binder level check can determine if an item is cursed.

Weapon Finesse[edit]

Marcos' fine finesse allows you to wield weapons with the same. You are granted Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, if you already have Weapon Finesse you may choose any feat with it as a prerequisite instead.


Can "take 15" on any craft check if ample time is availible. You must have at least 2 ranks in the appropriate craft skill to use this.

Fey Affinity[edit]

All non-evil Fey you meet will not willingly attack you or influence you unless attacked first.


May use Charm Monster as a supernatural ability once every 10 rounds. Only one such creature can be charmed at a time and it does not work on fey or outsiders. These creatures that are charmed view you and ONLY you as the most beautiful being they have ever seen. Until Marcos is no longer bound to you or you attempt to charm another creature, the charmed creature will try to find some way to give you something as beautiful as it is perceives to you to be this will be an obsession but they will not endanger personal safety.

If the charm is resisted, then you are considered dazed for 1d4 rounds.

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