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Mantra Magic [General, Fighter, Special][edit]

A small collection of spells drawn from ones own force of will that require no real training
Prerequisite: 3HD, Wis 12, must not be barred from using magic
Benefit: gain access to a small portion of unique magic drawn from willpower
Normal: nothing
Special: you gain access to 6 unique spells that you may use once per long rest (specifically 1 spell per long rest)

1. Fire Spirit: pick 1, add 1d6 fire damage to your weapon for 3 rounds, create a 15 ft cone of fire in front of you dealing 1d10 damage, gain +2 str and con for 3 rounds

2. Ice Wrath: pick 1, add 1d6 cold damage to weapon for 1d6 rounds, create a 15ft cone of ice in front of you dealing 1d10 damage, gain +4 ac until the next time you are struck (or 3 rounds pass) and when struck target takes 1d4 damage for the next 2 rounds

3. Shocking Speed: pick 1, add 1d6 lightning damage to weapon for 1d6 rounds, shoot a 30ft line of electricity dealing 1d12 damage, gain +15 movement speed for 1d6 rounds

4. Toxic Haze: pick 1, add 1d6 acid damage to weapon for 1d6 rounds, fire a corroding 15ft cone infront of you that does 2d3 points of damage to objects or equipment only, become poisonous/venomous next target struck by you or who strikes you must pass a dc15 fortitude check or take 1d6 damage each round for the next 3 rounds

5. Healing Light: pick 1, your damage is inverted and each successful hit you land heals the target instead of hurting them, create a 15ft ring of positive energy for 1d4 rounds anything in this ring is bathed in healing regaining 1d6 hp per round they remain provided that they can be healed by positive energy, gain regeneration 5 for 1d3 rounds

6. Dark Judgement: pick 1, add 2d8 negative energy to your weapon for 3 rounds each time you attack you take 2d4 damage yourself, create a 20 cone of negative energy that does 2d10 damage to each target inside the cone you take half of the total damage done yourself, gain 1d6 to all stats for 2d4 rounds max hp is halved and ac is reduced by 2 until this effect wears off

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